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Nvidia amd update gpu drivers doom eternal

A new report indicates that NVIDIA's upcoming Ampere GPU will utilize TSMC forge's 7nm compute node, while the next generation Hopper GPU will move to Samsung's announced 5nm EUV compute node technology. Report

was provided by China Times. According to the media, Nvidia has become one of the largest companies lining up to ensure the safety of TSMC's 7nm process, which implies that Ampere GPU will be built with this technology. Or at least Ampere's data center and HPC line will use TSMC's 5nm process.

and Samsung's first quarter earnings report confirmed that the South Korean giant will start producing its own 5nm manufacturing process in the second quarter of 2020.

The report shows that Samsung has received orders from manufacturers, especially those GPUs and CPUs that are assumed to use 5nm process nodes for the consumer market. The report pointed out that NVIDIA is one of Samsung's new customers ordering 5nm compute node products.

At present, this has not been confirmed, but as NVIDIA prepares to show its ampere plan in the GTC 2020 keynote pre-recorded by CEO Jensen Huang on May 14, we will hear more news soon. The main description usually involves important innovations and announcements about upcoming products. With the slogan "Get Amped", it becomes clearer what NVIDIA is referring to. We can look forward to discovering the new Ampere GPU lineup and these specs.

further supports the forthcoming Ampere GPU report that AIB partners are moving rapidly to liquidate existing GeForce RTX GPU inventory by drastically lowering prices to make way for what is supposed to be new GPU inventory of Ampere later this year. NVIDIA is expected to launch its consumer GeForce RTX 3000 series at the Computex 2020 expo rescheduled for Q3 2020.

Obviously the rumors and reports are coming from the left, right and center, no gunpowder and no fire .

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