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Nvidia amd intel next gen gpu apu announcements

According to Taiwan media, some of the largest names of technology that fall from this year's calculated items is rumored.

This is considered to be by Covid19 pandemic despite the already postponed event.

Computex has already been delayed from its typical schedule from June to 2020 September.

At this time, there is no guarantee that the event can still advance in September so that the pandemic is the following. According to

digits, the main player who does not withdraw from Computex is Nvidia, AMD and Intel. Tulle, Chaintech and Elitegroup computer systems may have other important names that plan to withdraw in the rumor that demand will follow.

There is another rumor that MSI has already been extracted from Computex 2020, but has not yet been confirmed. On the positive side

, ASUS plans to be 2020 by calculating, so it seems that the event is a complete loss. However, it is reported that such a large name has been reported can take the organizer of the event to organize an event at all. Maybe it's slower or just canceled.

Another possibility is that online events are lodged later this year. If you think about the 40th anniversary of the event, embarrassment will be seen if the event is completely canceled.

Plus, for a while, leaves much uncertainty for a while. You updated.

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