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Nvidia a100 is the fastest gpu ever recorded in octanebench

We are starting to see more rumors and leaks about next-gen GPUs and APUs. Recent announcements indicate that Nvidia, AMD, and Intel plan to discuss their upcoming Hot Chips plans.

Hot Chips is a technical conference that will take place August 16-18. All three chip designers are expected to deliver speeches and clarify their next-generation chips.

On August 17, we will see an Nvidia presentation titled "NVIDIA Next Generation GPUs: GPU Computing Performance and Innovation".

Nvidia has announced its new Ampere architecture, so it will be interesting to see what Nvidia will announce as well. We should expect to learn more about Ampere, but it may also be that they are completely focused on other things. We are not sure if your conversation is focused on the consumer market or the professional market.

Intel will host David Blythe's presentation on "Xe GPU Architecture". We should learn more about the appearance of Xe GPUs here. Currently, there are rumors that Xe will be released on laptops first, disappointing some people who are looking forward to mature PC graphics cards. AMD

Suno Arora will also talk about "AMD NextGeneration 7nm Ryzen 4000 APU". We have seen the appearance of the Renoir APU series and the leaked details of the number of cores, CU and clock speed in the recent leaks. It will be interesting to see if these details are correct.

will be happy to finally confirm that Nvidia, AMD and Intel plan to use their GPUs. This should confirm whether some of the rumors we have seen are true or completely false.

Will you listen to Hot Chips to learn more about these next-generation cards? Otherwise, we will make sure to notify you of any upcoming announcements in a timely manner.

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