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Nvidia has been touting the launch of its latest RTX 3000 series GPUs, another big step forward in terms of graphics technology. Well, after months of anticipation, Nvidia is finally ready to announce the key specs of its amp-based GPU via a live event hosted by CEO Jensen Huang himself later tonight.

At this event, Huang can post detailed information on some of the most anticipated RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 hardware GPUs this year. We will cover all the main announcements of the event in this guide, updated in real time, updated every minute, to ensure that no important information is missed.

If you're busy learning about the latest information on Nvidia's new Ampere GPU, don't worry, we've summed up the entire event for you.

17:39: So, you know, Jensen told us it's time to upgrade the hardware. We took a look at the RTX 3090, RTX 3080, and RTX 3070. In terms of 4K gaming, the 3080 is likely to be a Goto card. I think it's the most cost-effective of the three. The 3090 provides gamers with a channel to play 8K games, but you have to pay a staggering $ 1,499 for the new Ampere BFGPU. While these stats look great to Nvidia fans, AMD supporters will likely want to wait for what RNDA 2 has to offer before making a final decision.

17:36: Nvidia calls the RTX 3090 the biggest generational leap in history! However, the dazzling price tag of $ 1,499 is hard for many people to justify. In other words, if you need this level of performance, there is nothing to compete with.

17:35: RTX 3090 is absolutely huge, occupies three expansion slots, called "BFGPU", 30 degrees cooler than Titan RTX!

17:35: Literally, the GeForce RTX 3090 came out of Jensen's oven. The huge graphics card looks great and offers RTX in DLSS 8k, 8K HDR display, and a host of other specifications.

17:34: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 will be faster than its next-generation flagship GPU 2080Ti. It starts at approximately US$499, which is excellent value for money. This is what I look forward to evaluating!

17:33: We saw the new Cold War trailer for "Call of Duty: Black OPS"-using RTX architecture

17:33: Nvidia announced the release date of RTX 3080. It will be available on September 17th and will start at $699!

17:27: The new GeForce RTX 3080 is Nvidia's new flagship GPU. It provides GDDR6X memory, third-generation tensor core, and second-generation RT core. The ugly shell on the RTX 20 series is gone, and the redesigned grille aesthetic is very attractive. It is 3 times quieter than the previous generation flagship, and it dissipates 90W more heat than the Turing Founder.

17:27: New heat dissipation design, push-pull fan, new G6X signage.

17:26: Let’s take a look at the latest Ampere flagship GPU: RTX 3080!

17:25: We saw the latest trailer for Cyberpunk 2077

17:24: Jensen announced RTX IO, saying that the vast world will load immediately, which is a big step forward for the game.

17:20: We saw Ampere running Marbles for the first time. It runs at 1440p and 30 FPS, which is 4 times better than Turing architecture and looks impressive.

17:17 Jensen carefully studied the difference between Turing and Ampere architecture. The new Nvidia Ampere Tensor core should provide 3 times the performance of the Turing Tensor core and almost 2 times the performance of RT-wow. RTX Ampere will have 28 billion transistors, which makes the new GPU quite large, to say the least.

17:15: Jensen detailed how DLSS 2.0 will affect the graphics of the game. The image will be clearer and will not have much of an impact on performance.

17:10: Nvidia Omniverse Machinima is a content application that allows you to create RTX content from your favorite games. It's a bit outside of my comfort zone, but it will be interesting to see the results!

17:07: It seems that Nvidia is creating a complete set of technologies to accompany its new GPU series, referred to as Nvidia Broadcast for short.

17:05: Nvidia is explaining Nvidia Reflex, the technology should provide power reduction for e-sports games in the following ways Graphics delay. Big news for global e-sports gamers...

17:04: Fortnite is getting ray traced shadows, reflections, ambient light occlusion, and DLSS 2.0, making it one of the largest games in the world. Get ready for RTX

17:03: Huang Renxun is live in the kitchen, he talks about the upcoming "Amazing GPU"...

17:03: We finally live!

16:52: Do we really want to remove the RTX 2080Ti from the racing simulator? maybe not. Looking forward to the start of the Nvidia

live event

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