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Noctua cpu coolers intel next gen

Noctua, a well-known brand in the CPU cooler market, recently confirmed that its products will work with Intel's next-generation CPUs. Despite the different sockets, Noctua’s existing cooler series will be able to work with Intel’s upcoming Comet LakeS processors.

As Intel introduced the new LGA 1200 socket, there are concerns that Noctua coolers (and many other coolers) may not be compatible with newer Intel processors. The

Noctua reassures people and basically confirmed the existence of the LGA 1200 socket through their statement. "Noctua CPU cooler is compatible with LGA 1200".

They released a complete list of Noctua coolers that will be supported, details can be found on the Noctua website.

This list includes CPU coolers that have been used with LGA 115x sockets. This includes LGA 1156, LGA 1155, LGA 1151 and LGA 1150. It appears that there will be no changes to the installation mechanism of LGA 1200 compatible motherboards, which means that your existing heatsinks should work without problems.

Of course, this only really covers the physical compatibility of the socket itself. There are few ways to explain how Comet LakeS will work with existing coolers. This series may have completely different cooling requirements because it has improved power and performance.

Speaking of Noctua coolers, this may not make much difference, as they are usually designed to handle intensive gaming sessions and easy overclocking. For other coolers, it is not clear how they will cope with the new performance and heating brought by Comet LakeS chips.

For those who have Noctua coolers that are not compatible with LGA 115x plugs and want to upgrade to Comet LakeS, there is a solution.

Noctua provides a free upgrade kit, including a new installation kit. You can apply on their website. You only need to provide proof of purchase for the heat sink and motherboard, and they will send you a copy. Of course, due to the COVID19 crisis, there may be some delay in receiving it, but this is a good gesture from Noctua.

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