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No straight roads demo live on epic game store

It was originally scheduled to be released today, but unfortunately No Straight Roads has been postponed until August. Although this may be a bit disappointing, it seems that we can see at least part of the game now. To make up for the delay, Metronomik released a demo, which you can download from the Epic Games Store. The demo is currently available for testing, and we are waiting for the final release date.

No Straight Roads is a "rhythmic action adventure" game brought to you by the thinkers behind "Final Fantasy XV" and "Street Fighter V". You can watch the trailer below:

No Straight Roads Follow the characters Mayday and Zuke on an exciting and colorful journey to use the power of rock music to defeat the EDM empire. On your journey, you will fight with music superstars, improve your skills and turn accessories into weapons, everything is accompanied by the power of music.

In this free trial, you will have the chance to compete with one of these music superstars: piano prodigy Yi Slave. No Straight Roads Creative Director

Daim Dziauddin said: "Thank you so much for the loyal fans waiting for No Straight Roads. We did a playable demo today so everyone knows what to expect from our beloved game. We can't wait for the players. experience the full game ASAP. ”

If you plan to get this game on Nintendo Switch, you won't be able to get console-specific content anywhere else. This content includes:

No Straight Road will land on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on August 25.

Are you downloading a demo without straights? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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