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Earlier this year, it was reported that Nintendo would release two new versions of its best-selling Switch consoles. Many people quickly speculated that one of them would be a handheld. They seem to be right! Nintendo announced yesterday that it will launch the Nintendo Switch Lite in September of this year.

So what is the difference between these two consoles? Of course, the biggest difference is the size of the console. Switch Lite is designed as a portable version of Switch and has been reduced in size. The Switch Lite is 3.6 inches tall, 8.2 inches long, and 0.55 inches thick; in contrast, the Switch is 4 inches tall, 9.4 inches long, and 0.55 inches thick. Compared with the 0.88 pounds of the Switch, it also weighs about 0.6 pounds. The

's screen is also smaller, only 5.5" compared to 6.2 on the Switch. Both screens are LCD screens with a resolution of 1280 x 720, so you will not lose the image quality of your favorite games.

This smaller console can still play all your favorite Switch games, as long as they are running in standard handheld mode. So this means that you can still enjoy the sweet games Nintendo announced at E3, like The Legend of Zelda: The Awakening of Link and the highly anticipated Pokémon Sword and Shield released later this year.

In addition to the portability factor, another major advantage of the Nintendo Switch Lite is the slightly extended battery life, this is very important for handheld game consoles. Although both consoles said the battery life is about 6 hours, Nintendo predicts that compared to the previous generation, the Switch Lite can play about an hour longer on a single charge. As the

is a smaller version of the Switch and comes with fewer bells and whistles, hopefully the Switch Lite will be cheaper. It's true. The retail price is US$199, which is US$100 lower than its older brother. But first, you missed some of the key features that made the Switch so popular. There is no HD Rumble or IR Motion camera, nor any bracket, HDMI cable or bracket, because it is not compatible with the TV. The games you can play are also limited because some large games such as 12 Switch or Nintendo Labo are not supported.

However, we really cannot discuss these. This is a portable console, so most of these exceptions are to be expected. What really matters is its portability, ease of use, and battery life, all of which are better than the Switch.

In terms of design, the Nintendo Switch Lite still looks very similar to the original console; the design is different enough to make it unique. On release day September 20, it will be available in three colors: yellow, turquoise, and gray. An odd choice that does not include the "safe" colors used on Nintendo DS or GameBoy consoles, such as black or white, but definitely suits your newer, younger brands.

As Christmas approaches, people begin to think about what gifts to buy for their gaming friends and family. They will also release two limited edition designs: Zacien and Zamazenta. These exclusive designs also coincide with the release of the latest Pokémon game; Sword and Shield.

I found that Nintendo Switch Lite is a great small game console that can play Pokémon, Zelda and all other classic Nintendo games anytime, anywhere. Although the Switch may be designed to be used as both a handheld device and a static console, it always feels a bit cumbersome. This thinner and lighter version should help make these games portable again. I know it will be on my Christmas list this year: Nintendo Switch Lite, I choose you!

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