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Nintendo direct biggest announcements

Nintendo showed us another wave of announcements yesterday via their latest Nintendo Direct event. We've had news about some of Nintendo's biggest games, software add-ons, and some exciting new indie games coming soon.

Nintendo knows how to keep busy, that's for sure. In the coming months, they will release some of this year's biggest games (Luigi's Mansion, Link's Awakening, Pokemon Sword and Shield, etc.), as well as the launch of their new Nintendo Switch Lite console. In fact, they have time to host this Nintendo Direct is a miracle. However, they succeeded. We have collected some of the best and biggest announcements to keep you excited.

The popular online shooting game "Overwatch" will land on Nintendo Switch on October 15th. Due to its diverse characters and battle royale shootout, the game is becoming more and more popular. The package offered also seems to be very cost-effective. It comes with 15 character skins and a 3-month membership of Nintendo Switch Online, you need to play this game.

from the studio that provides us with the Pokémon games has released a new role-playing game called Little Town Hero. Until now it was called the "city", we got the release date of October 16 from the Nintendo Direct event, so it will appear before the sword and shield. The trailer shows us some elements of the game and points of the story. It seems like an exciting little game. Your task is to protect your city from the monsters that suddenly fall.

Bonus: All music is created by Toby Fox, the creator of the classic indie fanatic Undertale. After

was announced at E3 2019, fans of Super Smash Bros. were eager to have the opportunity to play Banjo Kazooie, the bear’s fan favorite team. Well, the wait is officially over, because they can now play as a single character through the DLC Fighter Pass. They also included a list of tracks in the DLC, including a mix of series composer Grant Kirkhope.

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In other Super Smash Bros. news, Nintendo also announced the next challenger who will join the ranks in the form of Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury. You will be joining the clown in Persona, the hero in Dragon Quest

, and of course Banjo Kazooie, the fourth of five characters featured through the Fighter Pass DLC. Nintendo also stated that they will introduce more characters beyond this DLC.

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One of the most exciting announcements recently released by Nintendo Direct is that SNES games are finally playable on the Switch. You'll be able to play them through the Switch Online service, and they've released a number of nostalgic games, including Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. The list is already impressive and Nintendo promises to add more games over time.

And, just like the launch of the NES game, they also released an SNES controller to use with their Switch. It's only open to Switch Online members and costs $ 29.99, but we don't have a release date yet.

Nintendo debuted again, bringing another batch of updates to the Pokemon Sword and Shield. This time, we introduced us to two new Pokémon: Polteageist (literally means Pokémon made from tea) and Cramorant (which seems to be based on Japanese cormorant fish).

We also introduced the Pokémon Camp, where you can enjoy relaxing night camping with Pokémon while exploring the Gallel area. Here, you can interact with your Pokémon and other players and cook delicious curry dishes. Curry is actually a major feature of the game. There are more than 100 variants, each with different effects. They have to be cooked.

Finally, we saw how many character customizations are available. Now you can change your clothes, including accessories like gloves and hats, and change your hairstyle or makeup. If I hadn't been too excited about this game before, now I am.

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Everyone's second favorite plumber (sorry, not sorry) will explore some cool floors in Luigi Mansion 3. According to the update, we will enjoy the treatment of a disco floor, a pirate theme restaurant and a hidden pyramid inside the hotel.

We also received news of a new multiplayer game mode that allows 28 players on the Nintendo Switch console to play against each other. Whether it's defeating the most ghosts, collecting the most coins while feeding the floating objects, or breaking most targets, the multiplayer options seem to be fun.

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We received a new trailer for "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" presented by Tom Nook himself. It gave us a deeper understanding of the new game and showed us how to collect items and turn them into useful things. I admit that the gameplay reminds me of the intersection between Stardew Valley and Don`t Starve (minus monsters), and I totally agree.

It seems that they are really acting for the players in this game to shape the island according to their own preferences. Set up your tent wherever you want, and you can adjust the landscape to meet your design needs. This seems to be another great game that fans of "Animal Crossing" can enjoy.

Pre-order Animal Crossing: New Horizons is here.

was originally released for Wii in 2012, and Xenoblade Chronicles will receive an update for Nintendo Switch. The new version will be released in 2020, but

There are many details about this remake, but the trailer seems very epic.

Although these may be the most important announcements of the night, they are not the only announcements. We also got some interesting game releases and DLC news. Here's everything we learned:

Deadly Premonition 2 will launch in 2020, bringing a sequel to the original, which will also launch on Switch after the event.

We get more Assassin's Creed games in the form of the Assassin's Creed: Rebellion Collection, which launches on December 6 and will combine the Black Flag and Rogue games into one.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition was released on Switch, so now you can play this epic RPG anytime, anywhere. The

Nintendo 64 version of Doom, called Doom 64, will land on the Switch on November 22.

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II will land on the Switch on September 24th, binding you up until "The Fallen Order" hits the shelves.

Free version of Kabi, Super Kabi Clash will allow up to four players to participate in more than 100 different missions.

"Magic Trial", a remake of "Holy Sword Legend 3", will be released on the Switch on April 24, 2020.

Obra Dinn from the creator of Papers is back. Come to Switch this fall.

The new Rogue Company shooter team will launch in 2020.

We have another demo of Daemon X Machina to play with.

Finally, Tetris 99 offers a new mode called "Invictus" for the most stubborn Tetris players.

Personally, these Nintendo Direct activities are one of the reasons I like this company. They keep us informed and we will receive regular updates and announcements, which makes me more and more excited with each new release. This latest roundup lets me play with my thumbs while I wait for the release date so I can make curry, settle on a desert island, and play some nostalgic games.

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