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Ninja finally returns to twitch after mixer shutdown

The ninja seems finally returned. Streamer, real name Tyler Blevins has returned a surprise for the first time after leaving the service for an exclusive contract with the mixer.

Mixer closed last month, which led the Ninja from the contract of it. This gives him freedom to transmit on the platform he likes, so he naturally reproduced. Ninja is back almost the first year until the date of departure of the mixer. At the beginning of July, Ninja also returned the surprise to YouTube who fought for Fort Knight. This stream has been able to pick up a huge tremor of 4 million. Returning to the resurrection of Ninja, he also played Fort Knight with Dr. Lupo and attacked some 100,000 spectators 15 minutes after life.

At this time, he still likes more, and there are 14.8 million believers despite the absence of the longing for him.

Then, until now, because he is trying water on several platforms, it is unknown at this point if it is permanent returning to cramps. So far, there is nothing that suggests that ninjas have exclusive transactions in cramping and other platforms.

At the beginning of his Ogawa, the Ninja explained the current situation without too far. "I am like things, but in fact, they allow me to meet others."

The ninja movement to the high profile mixer is the largest transmission platform since I tried to compete to keep all the main serpentines, I brought a fight against a little contract. The huge budget of the mixer launched a lot of competition in the mixture, but the current platform currently needs to see how the remaining platform is calculated.

YouTube and Twitche are currently players, but we know how the Facebook game, which has been growing rapidly in the last year, is within several months.

Facebook games and merged mixers can assume that the ninja appears there. However, even after providing a great salary, the Ninja reported that he thought about him through the decision. As a result, after all, he has a faithful fan based on Twist, and there seems to be approximately 24 million subscribers on YouTube. He can still end up in the Facebook game, but we only need to wait.

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