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Next gen ryzen intel platform rumours

The recent reports of UNIKO hardware editors guess the next launch region of the platform and the AMD platform, and wait as much time. If the rumor should be believed, Intel and AMD are clearly tilting things while preparing for its Nexgen Core and Ryzen Series CPU line.

Next Hardware Lace seems to have a victory team Blue-Intel users have acquired the taste of the next-generation platform this year (if the rumor is created). Each platform obtains a set of chips in order to limit several budget users and limits, including high-end, general and budgetary consumers. The reports suggest that the Intel 600Series chipset platform consists of Z690, B660 and H610 SKU.

The last Intel 600Series platform provides a variety of SKU, including variants of Z690, B660 and H610. At this early stage, it has not yet been mentioned on the chipset of the workstation, but we hope to come under the road later.

Release on the date, the initial report is recommended that the SKU flagship Z690 exceeds the platform. Looking forward to

2022, Intel plans to extend the 600Series platform using SKU Budgetived & Mainstream, such as B660 and H610. These alternative skus are configured to hit the Q1 rack in 2022 and are advertised in CES 2022. All base plates have Intel LGA 1700 shots that admit the 12th Lake Lake CPU alignment. That said, it seems that the base plate flagship Z690 is unique for its DDR5 stand. The alternative to Entriplevel can stick to DDR4 until now. With

600Series, users can also expect the arrival of the Intel 700Series platform. It is reported that the first motherboard was officially launched from around 2022, approximately 9 months after the arrival of 600Series. If compared to the previous launch, it fits well on the Intel time scale for platforms from 500 to 600. The

700Series platform can use more advanced I / O to equip many of the 600 series of features. In addition, it will be likely that 700Series will support DDR5 and PCIE 5.0. It also works with the LGA 1700 socket compatible with LGE Lake and Raptor Raptor Lake.

Finally, it is not the safest, but the red team and its arrival of the AM5 platform. AMD will launch a board of the AM5 series very expected after both tones. I already know that Zen 3 chips with Vcache 3D technology is expected to begin production in the second half of this year.

Everything says, Zen 3 Vcache should not reach the AM5-meaning platform, AM4 technology still exists for years. AMD has already displayed its Prototype CPU of Ryzen 9 5900X / 5950X in 3D Vcache.

All these rumors have stimulated emotion in the newly reduced technical community thanks to the lack of hardware in the future. Hopefully, come on the date of launch, and we can finally buy this Nextgen hardware.

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