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Newly leaked sienna cichlid gpu amd big navi

AMD has released a batch of over 200 new Linux patches to support the mysterious new GPU codenamed Sienna Cichlid. The consensus is that this GPU refers to the highly anticipated Big Navi from AMD.

These patches also refer to AMD's Navi 21 as GFX1030, Navi 10 as GFX1010, and Navi 14 as GFX1012. Phoronix, the Linux-specific exporter that found the patch, said developers are using Sienna Cichlid to hide the actual GPU name and release the patch ahead of AMD's official announcement.

Linux patch codenamed Sienna Cichlid was signed by Ale Deucher of AMD, who explained that Sienna Cichlid is an AMD GPU.

This group of patches adds support for it, including power management, display, kfd, interrupt, gfx, multimedia, and so on. `

According to the patch, Sienna Cichlid is a Navi 2X-based GPU, with sports video encoding function in the form of a new VCN (Video Core Next) 3.0 engine, DCN (Display Core Next) 3.0 and AMD’s existing Navi GPU support. Various changes than. The current Navi GPU uses VCN 2.0 and DCN 2.0, so it is logical for AMD to upgrade the upcoming GPU to an upgraded version.

The known leaker KOMACHI_ENSAKA admitted that Sienna Cichlid may be referring to Navi 21, and pointed out that the variant 40 in the patch is the same as found in the previous leak. The leaker hinted that the code name is just a replacement for Navi 21, and may even be a new name for Navi 21.

The update here will not land on the Linux 5.9 fusion window until August, which indicates that the GPU will not be activated before that date. This means that Sienna Cichlid may arrive later this year as part of AMD's promotion of RDNA 2 GPU. Rumors before

pointed out that September may be the release window. When combined with the August Linux 5.9 merger, the timetable seems to match.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of them are speculative and should not be considered a boon . We recommend adding the proper amount of salt before the firmer details appear.

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