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New trailer for genesis noir unveiled at e3

We all agree that a slight variation of the recycling idea saturates the game field, but Genesis Noir from developer Feral Cat Den seems to reverse this trend by offering a cosmic click-through adventure that conflicts between genres and tastes. We are pretty sure we have never seen it before. I've seen it before. The new trailer unveiled at E3 2019 seems to confirm that Genesis Noir is taking an original path.

The essence of Black Genesis is a romantic entanglement, requiring players to effectively prevent the big bang, thereby preventing the expansion of the universe. The earth is the shrapnel of the big bang, a shot from the universe before the creation of the world, directed at the heart of God, the love of no one. You must stop him at all costs in a visually rich story of love, creation and destruction.

goes a little deeper, the protagonist, a watch seller called No Man, travels to the earth, to various parts of the universe, and even to other dimensions, through solving based on art.

Time also played a role. Its role occurred before, during, and after the Big Bang. The game is divided into a mix of stars and vignettes that can be modified.

Many puzzles are based on tactile interaction, pattern recognition, and old experiments. Creativity plays a central role, because players can play with cosmic particles, change the landscape, play with celestial bodies, etc. Create an abstract universe.

Combining black aesthetics with a hand-painted art style, Genesis Noir successfully captured a unique emotion that seems to match its surreal cosmic ambitions, jazzy melodies, and brilliant sci-fi timbre. From jazz singers to artists to narcissistic gods, the cast of characters is equally compelling.

It is difficult to determine what Genesis Noir is, but the developers seem to know exactly what they want it to be, although this can get confusing. This is part of the reason why it is so attractive. The presentation style, smooth scale and sense of background, the excellent three-part interactive prologue on the Feral Cat Den website, and the successfully funded Kickstarter campaign merged together and showed off one of the most interesting indie games we've ever seen. seen in a long time.

For now, Genesis Noir is scheduled to launch on PC and Mac in 2020. However, I don't know if it will affect other platforms.

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