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New steam controller patent

The Steam Controller was honored in our list of top PC controllers. It may have a short lifespan, but gamers love its programmability and potential support for games that have never been played with a controller. .

Unfortunately, last year marked the end of Steam Controller, and Valve sold its latest batch of shares for $5 per share. If you are not lucky enough to get one, don't worry, you can still buy them through third-party online retailers. The good news for

is that a patent was discovered that is expected to allow Valve to re-manufacture the second model of its famous controller. The

patent titled "Handheld Controller with Interchangeable Controls" discovered by Tyler McVicker shows exactly what you can expect: the interchangeable controls of the controller itself.

This is something the holding company has been providing for some time, and it works very well. Controllers such as the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 allow players to modify the height and style of the joystick, and even change the Dpad as needed, thus providing gamers with great game flexibility. Patent application

states: "This document describes, among other things, handheld controllers that are configured to be detachably connected to different controls, and methods for using and/or assembling handheld controllers. The handheld controllers described in this document allow Dynamically swap controls to change controller settings to meet the needs of different applications (such as game titles), users, etc."

Although the patent does not specifically mention the Steam controller, the drawing clearly shows that it is a classic Valve by Valve . Since this is Valve's idea, we don't want it to be a simple case of exchanging thumbsticks, especially because the Steam controller is far from traditional. The '

patent describes that you can replace parts at will, and these parts are not necessarily restricted to the same type. For example, you can use the Dpad to switch the joystick and vice versa.

Speaking of patents, we can never be sure if this is a product in development or a good Valve idea. Given that this patent was issued in 2018, it is difficult to say if Valve is still working on it.

However, we know that Valve has gone to great lengths and achieved some success in bringing PC gaming into the living room. Now that the Steam machine is taking a backseat and the Steam controller is being discontinued, it may not be as successful as everyone hopes, but we can live with hope!

We will make sure to keep you posted on the progress of this story. Without confirmation from Valve, this could end up being just a nice set of ideas and drawings, but of course we hope not!

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