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New ssd 3d nand technology

With the advent of next-gen game consoles from Sony and Microsoft, SSDs have become popular again. With the introduction of its own optimized SSD technology in the new game consoles, it seems that PC gamers will soon be able to update our storage options, and Crucial SSD will get it first.

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Micron 3D NAND technology. Compared to the previous 128- and 96-layer NAND it has significantly faster read and write times - at least according to Micron, that's the case anyway. They claim it delivers 25 times longer for 128-layer NAND and 35% for 96-layer. This new 176-layer chip is also 30% smaller than current best SSDs, which means you can fit more in a smaller package.

This new technology marks Micron's 5th generation 3D NAND, which is a big change for them. Although they used to be known for relying on floating gate technology, much like Intel, for their 4th gen 3D NAND, they switched to alternate gate technology, and they don't seem to look back. Fifth-generation technology followed closely, combining the charge-trap drive with the CMOS matrix design, and it was this combination that helped them gain the upper hand in the field of SSDs.

But what does all this mean? Well, we're not sure which Crucial drives we'll see this new technology on, but what we do know is:

Are you excited about the possibilities this new SSD technology brings to PC gaming? Please see below Tell us in the comments!

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