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New release dates last of us 2 ghost of tsushima

Following a slew of "The Last of Us Part Two" leaks that have circulated widely on social media in recent days, Sony yesterday announced a new release date for the highly anticipated action-adventure film Naughty Dog.

Sony has confirmed that the game will now launch on June 19, or at least this is the plan now.

The Last of Us Part II continues to experience delays. It was first announced in February this year, then postponed to May 29, and then postponed indefinitely last month due to logistical hurdles.

These hurdles are reportedly related to the difficulty of coordinating distribution channels to ensure that physical copies of the game are delivered to the publisher in time before the late May release. It has become very common in recent months, with Sony pointing to the continuing COVID19 pandemic as the source of these difficulties. Hermen Hulst, director of

SIE Worldwide Studios, shared the news in a PlayStation.Blog article.

Hulst wrote: "As our teams at Sony Interactive Entertainment and Worldwide Studios approach development milestones and grapple with the world changed by COVID19, we find that we have to adapt to today's changing environment. There are some disruptions in the way we work. Under the circumstances, we hope to provide an update for PlayStation gamers who are eager to know when our next exclusive game will land on PlayStation 4. "

In addition to the news of The Last of Us Part II, Sony also revealed that there will be another PlayStation 4 available this summer. The exclusive game "Soul of Tsushima" will be released on July 17, ushering in the Naughty Dog title. The Last of Us Part II will now launch on Sony's summer show ahead of "Soul of Tsushima." This change confirms Sony’s speculation that it will give priority to the release of "The Last of Us Part II" instead of "Soul of Tsushima".

Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions responded to the news on Twitter, explaining that the studio will use the extra time caused by the date change to finalize the game and fix bugs.

If the release history of "The Last of Us 2" remains to be traced, this may not be the last time we have heard of the issue of launching the game. Based on the prediction of the pandemic that will affect the world in the next few months, we cannot rule out another delay.

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