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New open source project unveiled to run amds mantle on top of vulkan

If you have played PC games from 2013 to 2015, you may remember many games released under AMD's Mantle banner. This is an API that developers can use, designed to give them more access to the machine's hardware, while having less impact on the performance of Windows and DirectX graphics APIs. Using this API, developers can push AMD graphics cards more and use the same components to get better performance. This is not only an advantage for gamers using AMD hardware, but also an additional selling point that AMD hopes to sell more cards.

In the end, this was a fairly short-lived initiative. Maybe it’s because developers spend more time trying to optimize their games for a wider range of systems, not just those with a specific GPU brand, or maybe because publishers usually prioritize cross-platform development instead of many dedicated applications Any type of specific PC function for the resources developed. For whatever reason, AMD terminated the program, stopped working with developers to implement its Mantle API, and reduced its support for updating drivers. The

Mantle project is not a complete waste of time. It eventually formed the basis of the Vulkan API, which now uses a wider industry standard graphics API and is widely supported on modern devices and game engines.

games that previously used the Mantle API cannot now use the latest AMD drivers to perform this operation. These games can still run, but you will have to use one of the other options of the graphics API, usually DirectX 10 or 11, but they can’t match the performance of Mantle, so it’s a pity that they can’t run on it. The latest driver Procedural mantle mode. At least until now.

A new open source project called "GRVK" is a layer between the game and the Vulkan graphics API. Basically, it is possible to run the game on the Mantle API, even if it is no longer officially supported. This allows you to use Mantle to improve the performance of these older games on modern systems with the latest drivers, and it is compatible with all modern GPUs, not just AMD GPUs. This is a bit technical, but if you want more information, go to the Github project page. It is currently in a very early stage and is not ready to run the full game, but only in the testing phase, presenting a basic graphic as a starting point, but once fully developed, it is expected that it is intended to restore relics that may have been forgotten five years ago.

Mantle works well, there are several major games, you may want to revisit it sometime after using it. The following is a complete list of versions using Mantle API:

We will pay close attention to this project because it may be a good way to improve the performance of these games. This is a side project. As far as we know, there is no commercial endorsement behind it. It certainly does not come from AMD or any game publisher that supports Mantle, so we hope this project will take some time to develop. It is stable and available for general use, but it is definitely an interesting project in the future.

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