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New msi b450 max motherboards

MSI has added two new motherboards to its B450 MAX series compatible with AMD Ryzen: MSI B450 Pro Carbon MAX WiFi and MSI B450 Bazooka MAX WiFi.

First, MSI B450 Pro Carbon MAX WiFi. It is more suitable for mainstream gamers who want to use Ryzen CPU with AM4 socket. MSI stated that their design was inspired by the "curves and shapes of super sports cars."

This is a complete feature list;

Next, we have the MSI B450 Bazooka MAX WiFi motherboard, which is a MicroATX format motherboard for the budget market. MSI has not released the complete motherboard specifications.

What we know so far is that it has a 32 MB ROM BIOS for the third generation Ryzen CPU associated with Click BIOS5. MSI is releasing Turbo m.2, USB 3.2 Gen1, Audio Boost for studio sound quality, and RGB pin connectors for those who want to modify its internal structure.

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