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New microsoft 365 paperclip clippy

The Office assistant called Clippy angered Microsoft Office users worldwide from 1997 to 2003, and it will return in the form of emojis in Microsoft 365.

Hope to jump on the Clippy nostalgic trend, Microsoft's Twitter account posted an announcement on Twitter, if their tweet gets 20,000 likes, they will "replace the clip emoji in Microsoft 365 with Clippy."

Microsoft's marketing team may be blinded by this again, because the 20K goal was broken in less than an hour (Are there any problems?) Less than 18 hours later, this tweet has accumulated 133k me. Just like. So it seems that the clips that everyone loves and hate will definitely make a comeback, but hope to make a comeback in a less annoying way. We will have to see if Microsoft's promise will extend to simple button modifications or other aspects.

Clippy, also known as Clippit, was introduced to Office 97 as an office assistant. Its "assistance" mainly includes useless suggestions and annoying pop-up windows when you are busy typing documents.

Understandably, people start to hate and usually disable small anthropomorphic clips. In the end, Microsoft caught up and issued a series of announcements in 2003 with the release of Microsoft Office XP (see above), acknowledging the hatred and announcing the deletion of Clippy, and even let the legendary Gilbert Gottfried personally voice "Clip". However, Clippy is an important part of many people's early use of Microsoft Office, and nostalgia is a powerful force. Many of you who grew up at that time, including myself, will fondly remember how to turn Clippy into his alternate wizard or dog form (a simpler era-we have fun ourselves!). Like many things on the Internet, Clippy has become a meme over time, and the Clippy background that Microsoft released for Microsoft Teams has proven to be very popular.

Obviously, Microsoft has seen an opportunity to ride this wave of nostalgia, and as long as we don't have to endure annoying notifications, we agree. Chapter

Long live editing!

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