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New logitech g923 racing wheel launches

If you've been looking for a new racing wheel, you'll be happy to hear that

Logitech just announced a new wheel to their lineup. This is the first time we've seen a new Logitech racing wheel in five years, and we hope to see if it lives up to the popularity of its predecessors. G923 is suitable for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and inherits G29 and G920. The

G923 may look similar to its predecessors, but this racing wheel has some impressive new features. G923 will have a new force response system, which Logitech calls "TrueForce." The system is designed to provide more realistic information through the wheels.

It is managed by integrating the wheels with the physics and audio of the game. The wheels will receive the noise level from the car engine or the road surface. This information generates precise vibrations in the wheels. One of the outstanding features of the

TrueForce is that it can provide a wider range of inputs than other similar racing wheels. Logitech stated that the technology in the racing wheel can sample 4,000 such inputs per second and will adjust its force feedback engine according to what happens in the game.

This means that the steering wheel will basically vibrate and hum during the entire course of your car, just like a real car. When you step on the accelerator, you will be able to feel the rotation of the engine, and you will be able to detect the smallest bumps on the road while driving. All of these are designed to make your driving experience as realistic and immersive as possible.

Logitech promises that games such as Gran Turismo Sport, GRID and Assetto Corsa Competizione will be compatible with G923 out of the box. Games such as F1 2020, Dirt Rally 2.0 and iRacing will be supported at the end of September.

Except for the improvement of the force feedback system, the G923 has not changed much compared with the previous model. Logitech stated that internal electronics have been updated to better support the TrueForce system, and a new progressive spring has been installed in the brake pedal. The leather package has also been slightly upgraded. The

motor and wheel mechanism seem to be the same, so if you have a G29 or G920, the paddle shifters, spokes and nylon clips will be familiar to you. Whether you choose a PlayStation or Xbox model, the layout is the same.

Logitech G923 will be available in August, so there is no need to wait. As for the exact date, we are not entirely sure, but you can make a reservation from Logitech's website today. The current price of a racing steering wheel is $399.99.

Logitech chose a good time to launch this racing steering wheel. With the recent release of the new F1 2020 game and Project Cars 3, interest in racing games is now very high.

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