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New leak intel 10th gen cpu

If you have heard about the new AMD Rysen chip, you have probably been part of the Internet, and has been taken to life in the desert that you are looking for food and camp. A great choice if I tell myself. However, AMD has recently launched a new range of high power CPU and took the world of computers into a storm. In addition to hitting Intel in the multitasking division, I have surpassed them on the game scenario. A new chip shows some wonderful reference results. This is the first for the first time, Eclipse Intel 9th gene chips. Awesome, moderately worthy.

How do I have a big question about all our lips now respond to Intel? Well, until recently, we've never heard of many Intel Camps things for your CPU counter punches. When the information about the Asian forum filtered, all filtering is that Intel works on the "Comet Lay lake processor alignment to qualify round writing for CPU benefits, screenshot

proposes an insignia processor With a 5.2 GHz Turboas clock and a speed of 10 centers exceeds 10 ° C, the lightning will certainly be lost, I lowered the speed. But how much information is really reliable? It's hard to say, but if you like to dream, you'll be excited if you're a fan of Intel.

So, what is the 10th Intel CPU gene? Well, that's almost not waiting, that's just saying that can. The next generation range of the next generation CPU.

If the leak is believing, Intel is configured to release a new processor at $ 129 to $ 499, and the new product will be the direct range of AMD Ryzen chip. Before discussing details about the specification, let's visit the leakage graph that introduces what the tenth chip gene is trying to provide.

Now, if you were looking at the way you think about the table, it was not crowded here, do not worry, you are not alone. However, because leaks are realistic, they aim to have a small leak. In addition to a fast co-chok speed, obviously impressive, it was a chipset that I noticed for the first time. Leaks suggest an Intel plan to free a new chipset (LGA1159) for the 10th CPU Gen. Why? I will know, probably, are not yet obvious from their sleeves. However, if the information is true, we can expect the process of updating these costs of the 10th PHIP.

second, and more reliable, new Midnuclear / threads logo processor. 10C / 20T. Intel means that Intel returns a 10-core multithreaded processor along the 10th gene processor. Especially the recent history of the Multiple Multiple Market is equipped with a resone. I just saw the Badge tab of Intel's 9th gene, which uses this function. The Comet Lake chip uses multiphreading throughout the lineup.

TDP of all the chips on the list may be accurate, especially when importing the ninth gene processor as an example. Your insignia CPU is very similar in this department.

If Intel is remembered, I was working for 10 nm chips, so I was really great to see the 10th CPU gene in a process of 10 nm. However, Intel decided to use the 14 +++ node to these chips. 10 NM Desktop CPU latency continues. This is said, we look at the notebooks with 10 NM processors in the fourth quarter of this year.

This is probably the best time to see how these chips are compared with Ryzen 3000 alignment.

So, what is the 10th COMET Lake Processor compared to the new releasure alignment? Short answer, it's hard to say.

First of all, we are not on the road. The filtered documents suggest that the pounds of pounds are pounds. Therefore, it will be much harder for others to live with the other.

second, let's talk about performance. AMD The CPU is the current 3900 x. It has a 4.6 GHz increase clock on a basic 3.8 GHz clock and its 12core / 24 makeup. If you speak relatively, the 10900kf of Intel is the closest price to 3900 x. This boasts an increase clock speed of 4.6 GHz and 5.2 GHz. This will be much higher than 3900 x. It also has similar TDP. This is advantageous for users who do not want to update PSUS.

The previous example is quite consistent through all CPU lists because all Intel's`s are slightly faster than the value of the resone.

This is said, we do not know if the leaks are legal or not, but if so, Rayzen should be worried.

Therefore, it is the information currently surrounds the rumor of the 10th CPU of Intel, can you believe? Well, for me, I take everything in a big fine, unless it comes directly from the horse's mouth. This is another opportunity that these practices are fully used effectively. It also has a very convenient new CPU that beat the shelf or release Intel information about its own CPU. It seems that the fish are too dry for me.

This is said, it is always good to guess what you can be around the corner for Intel. They need to do something, and it will be better than something achieved. Could you? The leakage graphics seem to be proposed. I think it will only say time.

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