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New football manager games on track for 2020 release

For those who are concerned that the COVID19 pandemic will negatively affect entry into the former soccer coach franchise this year, there is good news. Developer Sports Interactive announced today that despite widespread turbulence and work-from-home measures, all is going according to plan for the new version later this year.

In a statement titled "Sports Interaction and the Impact of COVID19", Study Director Miles Jacobson explained:

"During this period, our plans for the future have been very quiet, but overall I never liked that we discussed our plan to settle down I know it frustrated some of our fans, but in the 25 years we've made games, this is a policy that has worked very well for us. I can. What is confirmed is that despite all the troubles in the world, a new The game "Football Manager" will be released later this year. They will be delivered a little later than we originally planned, but they will have a very powerful feature set...although different from what we thought when we completed my "dream feature set" in January. "

Jacobson said that Sports Interactive performed better than many companies during the pandemic. By giving away "Football Manager 20" for free in March, contributing to various charitable activities, and using in-game advertising to promote charity in terms of mental health, Highlights stable income and doing your part. In addition, despite the global unemployment rate soaring, Sports Interactive has expanded its team to 20 new members.

Jacobson pointed out that the shift to a “distributed” workforce has brought a lot of Challenges, especially adapting to different personal circumstances for each team member and prioritizing your health and safety. Despite some setbacks, Sports Interactive is now “prepared” to survive the pandemic in the time it takes. However. , Jacobson emphasized that game development will be much easier when team members work closely. Statement

also mentions how the status quo of professional soccer leagues affects development:

"From a production point of view, not only is it more difficult, the world of soccer that we intend to simulate in the game is also of no use. It's also in an ever-changing world. Some The league has confirmed its plans, some are still pending (although we are very "on top" with many possible decisions), at least the transfer window for England has moved, and new emergency rules may or may not appear next season. There are many more. ”

As for when fans can get this year's 'Football Manager', Sports Interactive said it is too early to share a more precise release window , and I hope that the players wait patiently. The developer finally made a positive comment, saying that the new game "Football Manager" "will provide hundreds of hours of entertainment and m It will have the best price-performance ratio on the market "and provide a rewarding distraction for testing real-world conditions.

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