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New death stranding gameplay footage at gamescom

The promised appearance of Hideo Kojima accounted for most of the marketing appeal of Gamescom's live show on the opening night, and the Japanese video game author did not disappoint.

After an arguably mediocre title show, Kojima not only saw the continuous gameplay of Death Stranding for the first time, but also literally succeeded the host Geoff Keighley, he was very happy Saw him leading this part.

Two new characters in the long-awaited game debut. The first one played by American actress Margaret Curry is called Mom. She breastfeeds an invisible baby from the "other side." Like any mother, when the child is in pain, take care of him and calm him down. The babies in question may hover in the air like many other ethereal ghosts that exist in the strange world of Death Stranding, but they won't be looking for humans to bite them.

Next, we have Bridge Baby, a now iconic baby, wrapped in a synthetic womb, with the playable character Sam strapped to his chest. Although the short trailer attempts to clarify BB's purpose, it raises more questions than answers, suggesting a connection to the brain-dead mother identified by connecting to the terminal shown in the clip. BB can feel pressure and as far as we know this is essential to protect Sam from BT roaming on the ground.

In terms of the game's graphics, "Death Stranding" has a magnificent open world, which includes dizzying cliffs, green rocky valleys and glacial streams. We saw Sam wake up from a short break and urinate while delivering a package. Comically, the camera was never allowed to rotate far enough to show Norman Ridous' private parts, although a rather large mushroom appeared shortly after in the now soaked grass of the lens.

We took a look at a map that represented the continental United States. Kojima explained that it is necessary to establish tracks or connections from east to west to advance in the game.

Sam used a drop-down ladder to climb a hill and came to a structure that juts out on a plateau midway up the mountain and is presumed to act as a sealed door to the interior living space. He put the package away, and a character with Jeff Keighley's face appeared in holographic form to thank him for his service.

Sam continued to fall off the cliff, hitting the BB in his chest. Kojima explained that gamers must use the motion sensor on the PlayStation 4 controller to mimic their parents and comfort an upset baby. The camera was soon interrupted.

While the trailer is a welcome surprise and will no doubt pique the interest of many potential players, it makes "Death Stranding" even more mysterious. Kojima confirmed that more games will emerge at the Tokyo Game Show next month.

Death Stranding will launch on PlayStation 4 on November 8 this year, with the PC port scheduled to arrive later.

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