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New dc universe online wonderverse episode now available

Dimensional Ink Games released a new episode for the free MMO DC Universe Online ten years ago.

Dubbing Episode 38: Wonderverse, this episode will allow players to join forces with the Wonder Woman Committee and different manifestations of the DC universe staple from five different universes, including Nubia, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Red Magic Heroines, etc. .

This is an introduction to the official scenario of all who save the world, the gods at war and the merged universe:

"In WONDERVERSE, the wall of the fountain has been broken and the multiverse is collapsing. When the Amazons woke up , found Themyscira, following her universe Combined and rebuilt in dimensions. The orb of the gods is in ruins, so the Greek gods and the new gods, in fact, all the gods, are desperately looking for fragments of the wall of the source to restore its power.

However, if the multiverse is to survive, our Diana, our Wonder Woman, knows that the only chance is to collect those fragments to repair the source wall. She has to face the gods and overcome her greed, she knows that she cannot do it alone. Answering his call are players, heroes and villains who recognize the gravity of the situation, as well as ... another Wonder Woman who crashed into the universe! "

Wonderverse packs are included in the new daily and weekly missions, normal and elite raids (requires 30 and 299 combat levels), raid-like world bosses and alert content. You can find a list of these contents below Description : This episode of

also has a special event for a limited time. Players can find a version of all new content in the "Events" tab of the game. It is open to all players, regardless of level.

Finally, Wonderverse includes new gear, basics and specialties, including new Splintered Coins and Empyrean Aether coins, upgrades, artifacts, new Holy Grail and Amazon inspired gear, etc.

This update is completely free and is now available for players on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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