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New dc comics games this august

WB Games announced that it will be unveiled at the DC Universe FanDome event in August, prompting speculation that the publisher will release a new DC-themed game.

is hailed as a 24-hour 'global virtual experience', "The FanDome is scheduled to be put into use at 10 AM Pacific Time on August 22, and will explore every corner of the DC Multiverse."

is in the written press release. For the announcement, DC Comics explained: “Global events will immerse fans in DC Multiverse, new announcements from WB Games, movies and TV, and comics, and an unprecedented opportunity to hear from actors and creators behind your favorite movies and TV series. . "Unsurprisingly, due to the ongoing pandemic, the event is a digital event.

It is not yet clear what WB Games is preparing to announce, but there is certainly no shortage of rumors. In particular, in recent years, rumors about the new entry for "Batman: Arkham" have circulated widely under repeated ridicule from WB Montreal, and the studio is expected to be responsible for the project. These clues mean that the next Arkham game will explore the evil team of Owl Court, whose characters have recently entered the Batman universe.

With the exception of WB Montreal, all eyes will be on developer Rocksteady and his next project. The studio is responsible for the Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, and Arkham Knight games and has been hard at work since the last game was released in 2015. The rumble of Grapevine indicates that the studio will bring another DC heavyweight video game, the one that already we know it won't be Superman. However, as to who might be the focus of the studio's next game, fan speculation aside, there is little news.

In other news, WB Games is reported to be in the running for it, as owner AT&T is looking to sell its games division. The report shows that Microsoft is very interested in this.

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