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New city map announced for escape from tarkov

Any fan of the popular FPS game "Escape from Tarkov" will be ecstatic to find a brand new map for their favorite shooting game. Battlestate Games announced the news through a small teaser video that showed a player exploring an abandoned city.

In order to save the trouble of watching, we have linked the trailer video below. Although it is a short film, we can see players exploring the streets of the city and heading to abandoned buildings with a good foundation.

I have to say that the details in this trailer performed very well. The city seems to be inhabited and there are signs of abandonment everywhere. There are graffiti everywhere on the walls, dark corridors, and destruction everywhere.

Our observation seems to be correct. According to public relations director Nikita Buyanov, this map is "the largest and most detailed location in history." This is a very bold proposition, but we cannot say that it will not surprise us.

For games that have not yet been fully released, every patch is exciting news for gamers. Usually we will see that some features have been added and some big bugs have been fixed. Buyanov described the 12.7 patch that escaped Tarkov as "more like a technical patch." The customs map area will be expanded by "30% or even 40%", which will provide players with more operating space.

There will be an overhaul of the skill system in the next patch, and the new boss will be called a senator. We currently don’t know much about any of these new features, but Bujanov has said that the senator can “cure his partner and find a hiding place”. This means that players may encounter a fairly strong opponent in their game, and we are eager to hear more.

What do you think of this new map? Does it look as unforgettable and ruthless as we imagined it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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