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New benchmark suggests intel core i9 10980hk can reach speeds up to 5 27 ghz

A series of new benchmark results show that Intel is preparing to shine in the mobile market, and it appears to be the most powerful mobile CPU we've ever seen. The 4,444 new Geekbench benchmark results uploaded on Monday appear to show that Intel's unreleased Core i910980HK has achieved an astonishing 5 GHz - 5.27 GHz clock frequency. The single-core score for this benchmark is 6321 and the multi-core score is 32028. For comparison, AMD's AMD Ryzen 7 4800H scored 5228 and 31614 in the same benchmark test.

Based on benchmarks, the Intel Core i910980HK chip (part of Intel's 10th generation Comet LakeH family) has 8 cores, 16 threads, a base clock speed of 3.1 GHz, and a TDP of 45 W. If the results are true, the 5.27 GHz increase in clock speed will make the Core i910980HK the fastest mobile CPU ever.

Achieving such an amazing speed is not easy for mobile processors, and may open a new era in the field of gaming laptops. The speed of

will push existing gaming laptop products to new heights, enabling them to achieve performance levels similar to desktop computers. We will look for multitasking capabilities not seen in notebook CPUs so far.

Given that notebook computers have traditionally lagged behind desktop computers, these possibilities are attractive. Although purists will not be exposed to gaming laptops because of low performance, if you want to trust the benchmark, the Intel Core i910980HK can reverse this general sentiment to a large extent.

As always, we should keep these results, because the chip is likely to be a pre-production model. Eventually, retail CPUs may differ in terms of maximum boost clock speed. However, after AMD stole the show in recent months, this is a much-needed positive for the Intel field.

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