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Neuechair obsidian review

Chair type


Maximum load

108 kg

Gross weight

29 kg

Seat height



on Amazon We are fortunate to review and use Secretlab's gaming chairs a year ago. To be fair, they are The favorite of the team in the office and at home. The chair I often sit on during this time is Secretlab Omega, which is an advanced gaming chair that we reviewed a few months ago. In addition to the gaming chair, they recently sent us an official style chair from NeueChair, a subsidiary brand of Secretlab.

Not all computer users need a soft large fabric or artificial leather chair, and this is where the NeueChair ultimate office chair comes in, with its mesh material and sturdy ergonomic design.


Maximum comfort

Multiple adjustment options

High build quality

Premium materials



Armrest height adjustment may be better

Chair type


Maximum load

44 4 4 4 kg 4 4 kg 4 4 kg 4 4 kg 4 4 kg "-22.4"

Like many chairs we have reviewed, NeueChair Obsidian is relatively simple to assemble. The backrest and seat are fully assembled, leaving only the wheels to install, and finally sit on the chair. Like most chairs I make, the wheels are a bit cumbersome to hold, but this is common and the price to pay for stability is small. It is worth noting that the wheelbase is quite heavy, which again increases the stability of the chair, which will be presented later. As mentioned above, the main parts of the chair are pre-assembled even if the armrests are connected, and it is only necessary to slide the hydraulic piston. After assembling the

, I found the instructions on the box to be very convenient, and various adjustments and settings can be made right away.

Out of the box, NeueChair looks like an outdated office chair. However, its visual impact is different from the larger Secretlab gaming chair, partly because its backrest is much smaller. Nevertheless, it stands out from ordinary office chairs with its stylish, industrial and practical design. The large metal bracket supporting it is one of the most beautiful parts of the chair. The frame is made of electroplated aluminum alloy, which is durable. In addition, from a purely visual point of view, the covering of the obsidian model adds style to the chair.

Unlike the padding and soft velvet materials we see on several Secretlab gaming chairs, Obsidian has a durable mesh polyester fiber. I was not sold when this material arrived, but to be fair, wearing this material will not affect comfort. This type of material has been extensively tested by NeueChair and, although it is a more breathable material, it is also very suitable for back support. The rack is very suitable for hotter environments or long-lasting games, while providing sufficient comfort during use. The

Obsidian Chair exudes quality, making you feel that NeueChair incorporates the best components and technology into their products. Chairs like this are designed for the highest comfort and support, and you will expect some next-level adjustments. Obsidian has many.

There is no doubt that this is my favorite chair feature because this adjustment option ensures that the reclining backrest fits perfectly. The reclining here is very different from Secretlab or Noble gaming chairs, because the bottom of the seat does not tilt or move. Now, I really like the full bucket seat recline on my Secretlab Omega, so I am skeptical, but once the settings are adjusted to the required tension of your back, the comfort of this backrest will be great.

To adjust the tension on the back, you just need to squeeze the lever on the right side of the base. This lever reminds me of car windows before the invention of power windows about 20 years ago, but hey, it works.

The importance of lumbar support in chairs like NeueChair Obsidian is immense. This is a high-end chair, after all, so many potential buyers will assume it's fully adjustable and supportive.

To support the carefully considered shape, wrapped mesh material, and high-quality backing, there are a few smaller functions that can give you the support you need. There is an adjustment option in the center of the backrest, which can be lost at first glance. The small cushion can be slid up a few inches to accommodate different sizes and needs.

Another adjustment option in the back is designed to help you sit up a bit and support your back. You just need to press the buttons on both sides of the backrest, and the backrest net will slide back to make the angle more pronounced. This feature works best for me when I need to focus urgently and is very useful when combined with adjusting the seat slide. The

seat slide adjustment option really helps to keep your posture upright and works in conjunction with the adjustments I mentioned earlier to provide you with what NeueChair likes to call: focus mode.

The armrest is one of the best aspects of this chair for several reasons. First, they are fully adjustable, but they have a PU coating. This coating provides extra comfort to your elbows, and the soft touch of the material will not irritate your skin or make your arms sweat. They are very comfortable armrests, very similar to Secretlab Titan, but thicker, and in my opinion, the quality is better. The

armrest also has an adjustment option called "ControlShift". This is an excellent design choice because you place them under the lever of the car seat.

Your classic height adjustment feature. This works as you can imagine, and there is nothing to notice more than the satisfaction of doing it without having to move or try to find a lever under the seat.

Lastly, I want to talk about the two-way armrest adjustment. Of course, like most chairs, these chairs can be turned up and down, but unfortunately, this has become my only complaint about chairs. I like that the armrests are at different heights when working and playing, so it is important to be able to adjust these heights correctly. Despite these features, I find the height adjustment to be a bit of a hassle on both armrests, but this isn't the end of the world. Another little issue I found was that I like to lean on the armrests, although these are the softest armrests that I use to rotate, they sometimes move easily when tilted, which is a bit annoying.

Working in the office and playing games at home, I can sit for several hours a week, so comfort and back support are key. Obviously NeueChair and Secretlab are developing in different directions, when the competition comes in at such a high price, you can see where NeueChair is trying to fit into the market. The

chair screams, reliability and stability, with enough adjustment options to make anyone feel comfortable. NeueChair has changed the office chair game. Although the series will never be considered a bargain, they offer excellent value with a host of features. So, for the ultimate ergonomic chair that can help you overcome thick, thin, and weird back pain, pack a NeueChair for the office or home, and your posture will thank you.

You can buy directly from Secretlabs here.

Q: What is the relationship between NeueChair and Secretlab?

A: NeueChair is a subsidiary brand of Secretlab, which focuses on ergonomic office chairs. Question

: What is the difference between obsidian and silver?

A: The Silver model is equipped with polished ADC12 aluminum, while Obsidian adds a layer of coating to the aluminum to increase durability.

Q: What is the weight limit of NeueChair?

A: Maximum load-bearing 108 kg/240 lb.

Chair type


Maximum load-bearing

108 kg

Gross weight

29 kg

Sitting height

19.3 inches-Buy 4 ergonomic

44 chairs that support Amazon ergonomics. In the heavy and occasional backache, give yourself a NeueChair in the office or at home, and your posture will thank you.

NeueChair Obsidian

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