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Netflix confirms live action resident evil series is in the works

A new live-action adaptation of the "Resident Evil" series is underway on the prolific Netflix. The streaming giant officially confirmed this in a series of tweets written today.

Supernatural Celebrities' Andrew Dab is leading the project. The first season will include eight one-hour drama episodes, of which the first two will be directed by Bronwyn Hughes. His previous work includes directing "The Walking Dead" and "The Journey Is the Destination."

Although this tweet did not reveal much, except that Netflix has given the project the green light and mocked the mention of Wesker Kids and New Lake City, the Hollywood Reporter report did not provide almost any additional data, especially the presenter Man, writer. and executive producer, Dab.

"Resident Evil is my favorite game of all time. I am very excited to tell a new chapter in this incredible story and bring the first Resident Evil series to Netflix members worldwide. For every kind Fans of Resident Evil, including those who joined us for the first time, this series will have many old friends and some things that people have never seen before (crazy, bloodthirsty things). "The

La story itself will span two different Timeline. The first to focus on siblings Billie and Jade Wesker (probably descendants of the regular Resident Evil villain Albert Wesker), because they are familiar with the new Raccoon City, a new version of the city built after the nuclear explosion. After the disaster, the barren businesses of New Raccoon City will have secrets that need to be uncovered, and teenagers’ anxiety needs to be dealt with.

The second timeline jumps the future ten years from now to a darker environment. Except for the strange 15 million lagging people; everyone else broke their clogs. However, the survivors are not alone. There are 50,000 or 60,000 monsters wandering around, willing to spread the T virus to anyone who gets too close. Thirty-year-old Jade Wesler has a less enviable task of living in this harsh world while being haunted by her past. The

announcement indicated that there was still a way out for the Resident Evil TV series, and Netflix did not share the release window or hint at any potential cast options. Ads like

are always accompanied by a trace of anxiety, especially when it comes to a respected and legendary IP like the "Resident Evil" series. Television and film adaptations of video games do not hold the best records, especially in this particular case: none of the six films based on the Capcom franchise is particularly remembered in depth.

However, in this case there is a lot of optimism, mainly due to the excellent Netflix adaptation of the magician, except for the birth of the irresistible catchy little song (we will not mention it because of the fear of loosening the ears), many people have a hard time getting rid of him at the beginning), which shows that in the hands of the right people, valuable accommodations are not beyond the reach of possibility.

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