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Netflix adaptation for beyond good evil in the works

Another adaptation of the Netflix video game is in development. Following the success of the "Witcher" series and recent announcements like the "Split Cell" adaptation, it seems we are seeing the trend of Netflix video game adaptations.

This time, it is an adaptation that transcends good and evil. Beyond Good & Evil is a popular Ubisoft game, so it's fun to see some unexpected things on the screen.

First appeared on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC in 2003, the Beyond Good & Evil story revolves around a remote mining planet in the 25th century. You play as Jed, a rogue action journalist, on a mission to learn the truth about the government's dealings with alien invaders.

Ubisoft said in a statement that they are "very happy to be working with Netflix to produce a feature film that transcends good and evil, and we look forward to sharing more content in the future." Ubisoft has partnered with Netflix to develop the recently announced "Split Cell" animated series, so it looks like they will have a lot going on.

This adaptation is an early stage, so not much information is available right now. The director of

is Rob Letterman, the director of Detective Pikachu and Goosebumps. Jason Altman and Margaret Boykin are also hired to produce films that transcend good and evil. This small team is looking for writers to adapt the game, so it's too early.

It looks like this will also be a film adaptation rather than a TV series, which has been confirmed on the NXOnNetflix Twitter account.

When will we see this movie? Anyone's guessing now, but we'll pay close attention to any news.

A sequel to Beyond Good and Evil is also in production. Ubisoft announced that the game will launch a sequel at E3 in 2017. However, not much is currently known about the sequel. The last update we heard was in November 2019, when Ubisoft released character customization options and detailed information about the world legend.

There is nothing else to do. Perhaps as new Netflix movies begin to receive attention, we will learn more about the sequel.

If we hear any updates about Netflix movies or upcoming sequels, we will keep you informed. Be sure to check back here for the latest news.

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