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Nba2k21 best small forward build

NBA2K21 has finally arrived and will become another legendary version in the 2K legacy. With updated graphics and player scans, new MyTeam improvements, updated MyCareer stories, and the addition of WNBA, everything seems to be on the right track.

Now that the poor trigger mechanism has been fixed, everything seems to be heading towards a good day near NBA2K21. We will focus on the SF position built by the current MyCareer model.

For this version, we'll portray them as LeBron James, a two-way finisher image of a player with forward scoring ability, but also promotion and slight defensive ability at his position. So if you want to rule like a king in MyCareer, follow this guide!

In the pie chart stage, the emphasis is on defensive and culling skills, which allows us to have a strong sense of presence at both ends of the court.

Our physical condition is uniform because it allows us to run on the court, get into position and quickly get into space and off the ball, and is strong enough for dunk and pallet games, and can bounce well with good vertical potential.

Smashing and defense/rebounding are the focus of attention here, so it's best to try to make the most of them, especially anything that can increase your chances at the basket, such as dunks, low moves, and layups. You also want to ensure that you maximize your perimeter defense, lateral speed, and rebounding ability.

Key data potential

Short shots-90


Active dunks-90

Standing dunks-80

Peripheral defense-80

Lateral speed-80-4

4 Defense 4 4 Defense 4 4 Defense 4 4 Defense 4 470 4 Defense 4 470: 6 ″ 7

Weight: 250

Wingspan: 90 ″

Buy: Squeegee

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