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Nba2k21 best center build

NBA2K21 has finally arrived and is preparing to become another landmark version in the 2K legacy. With updated graphics and player scans, new MyTeam improvements, updated MyCareer stories, and the addition of the WNBA, everything seems to be on the right track.

Now that the poor shooting mechanism has been resolved, everything seems to be bringing a good day to NBA2K21. We will focus on building the central position of the MyCareer model today.

For any good center, we all need him to be a real defensive and rebounding batter. You have two options for crosses (you can build them with good potential shooting stats), but we'll keep them with good shooting ability like a more traditional cross.

It can be pretty even on the pie chart, but if you want to create a strong cross, try to focus on defense / rebounding and shooting. If you want, you can interchange the finish with the shot, but this can change the result of the construction. However, if you prefer to shoot, it will be a good approach. However, just because of the type of player we are creating, his completion capacity has a high upper limit.

In your body, the distribution among the three is even. In view of your inner existence, pay more attention to the original force.

Our focus here is on finishing and defense, rebounds slightly increase because they can provide the highest ceiling. When it comes to core building, you don't have to worry about three-pointers. If you want a three-point shooter, please check the PG / SG version.

You want to maximize most of the inside data, such as rebounds and blocks.

Key Data Potential:

Close Shots-90

Standing Dunk-90

Inside Defense-85


Offensive Rebounds-87

Defensive Rebounds-87

Rear Hooks-47 40 40 Shots 40 40 '' 2

Weight: 260268

Wingspan: 93.0 ″

Purchase: Squeegee

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