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Narcos rise of the cartels

AMD announces the planning of the GPU HIGHND GPU market, but there is finally the Nugget for the Organization of National Radio Research in South Korea (known as RRA) and its announcement of public domain authentication procedures. UNISING CODENAME AMD products with ATI102D18802 have been certified earlier this week.

Now, it is exempt from thinking about this potential gap between letters and numbers, but in fact, we say suggestions with a much more powerful GPU based on navigation. The nomenclature

D18 specifically tells you to the existing Navi product code. The following three numbers 802 are associated with the performance of the GPU. It is known that "small" GPU of Navi is commenal, so we have the name of the code that ended in 205. WCCFTECH is a good job to describe the codentement protocol if you want to divide a little deeper.

As these certification processes are going, Ballpark, generally from 3 to 6 months later, generally have been insinuated in the versions of Retrogronogo after 3 to 6 months, but especially the AMD Vega 64 chip.

Under practical conditions, certification has the final version of the product and does not match more design changes when finding authentication. Almost there is no ATI102D18802, but it can be its final shape.

Now, at risk of guessing, ATI102D18802 has made the flagship "Nvidia Killer` Navi GPU Round Round of Grapevine. It is expected to lead to mid-year, which will be aligned with the previous ThreeTosixmonth timeline.

Rumor suggests RDNA2 Full Navi Dai GPU that supports the hardware rays trace. It is expected to be a very identical graphic card that appears in the following Scarlet project and the next console of the next generation of PlayStation 5.

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