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Nakara bladepoint

The new take on the battle royale genre Nakara: Bladepoint combines fantastic medieval East Asian aesthetics with hack and slash gameplay mechanics and the usual Battle Royale format. Obviously, this is a successful combination because the game enjoys unprecedented popularity in the free demo. The free final beta of

on Steam, which allows players to experience the game before its official launch on August 12, 2021, has attracted more than 161,000 maximum players. At the time of writing this article, it is the fifth most played game on Steam in the last 24 hours and the most played Battle Royale game on Steam during the same period (after PubG and Apex Legends), and it's even in GTA V! One moment up!

The game is produced by the Chinese studio 24 Entertainment. Your goal is to try to eliminate PubG from first place, the king of battle royale very popular with Chinese gamers. This is no easy task, and we look forward to seeing Nakara - if Bladepoint can meet the challenge and if he can upgrade the Battle Royale play space.

Please see our Nakara: Bladepoint system requirements page for complete information on the PC required to run the game at competitive FPS.

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