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Nacon unveils unlimited pro special edition controller for the next call of duty game

Nakara: Bladepoint is scheduled to be officially released in August 2021. Although a free demo was previously released on Steam, it turns out that it is only popular on the latest generation of consoles. The official system requirements for the game are as follows, but we generally recommend adding more content to ensure safety.

If you do not know the specifications of your PC, we recommend that you read the quick guide on how to find the specifications of your PC. From there, you can compare the specifications of your machine to see if it is suitable for gaming. If not, check out further down this page for some examples of PCs you will definitely be using.

If you want to buy a copy of Nakara: Bladepoint, please check Eneba before the game is released for some of the best prices.

NARAKA Bladepoint combines the typical hacking mechanism and magic power of JRPG and East Asian action RPG, as well as parkour and grappling action and battle royale mechanism. In the battle royale mode, up to 60 players compete with each other. For those who are not interested in battle royale games, there are more limited deathmatch modes.

Nakara: If you are satisfied with setting the graphics to the lowest preset, Bladepoint will be able to build your own games at 1080p for $600. However, if you want to increase the setting to a higher setting at 1080p, we recommend that you use a self-build or similar setting of $ 1,000, if you want to increase the resolution to 1440p or more in a higher graphics preset, then $ 1,500 build is the requirement of what.

If you don't want to build your own PC, we recommend using one of our pre-made ones, which cost less than $ 800, play 1080p, and have a good frame rate on the lowest settings. Higher graphics presets require a PC to be at least as powerful as a $ 1,000 pre-build, and if you want to achieve 1440p or higher resolution, you need a $ 1,500 pre-build.

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