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Nacon revolution unlimited review

At WePC, we are huge fans of Nacon and its excellent controllers, which not only run on PlayStation 4, but also work well on PC. There is no better example than Revolution Infinity, it is just a good peripheral device. News

tells us that Nacon has signed a license agreement with Activision to produce a revolutionary special edition on the theme of the new game Call of Duty.

Penciled will release "Call of Duty: Black Ops" on November 13 The Cold War takes you back to one of the most turbulent times in recent memory. The

Special Edition controller is directly inspired by the art design of the game and will be accompanied by a game reward content code, which will be provided on launch day.

Few competent PC gamers will buy FPS game controllers (sorry CS: GO nerd in the office, let me say that!) But if you have a PlayStation 4 in the corner and use it, this is going to be the future. multi-year collection. Like the original Revolution Unlimited, it is perfectly compatible with PC and is also a great choice for driving, shooting and platforming games.

Revolution Unlimited, priced at around £ 180, is the higher end of the controller cost, but anyone who has ever used a controller will agree that it's the best too.

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