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Nacon revolution unlimited pro controller giveaway

Games and controllers often (literally) go hand in hand, so when using them, you can be sure that many gamers (including myself) are looking for the best. This is where Nacon Revolution Unlimited comes in.

As you can see right away, the Revolution Unlimited controller looks great. The first thing you will notice is the matte black look that Nacon chose for this particular gamepad. This can only be enhanced by moderate use of RGB under the right joystick, under the PS button, and under the touchpad, keeping you always on top of the profile you are using.

To be honest, the controller looks great, and this PC / PS4 Elite Controller not only improves the aesthetics, the functions have been completely overhauled as well.

Compared to the standard DualShock 4 that gamers received with PlayStation 4, the Revolution Unlimited Pro controller is easier to hold. I think this is due to the creative leadership of Nacon by Microsoft, the controller uses the same joystick and button layout (and a larger physical size) as the Xbox One controller.

You may think that the Xbox One look of this official PS4 controller is weird, but in my opinion they are just the right look. A larger pad means easier to hold, and I prefer the position of the Dpad.

Due to its large size, you may also consider the weight of the controller. If you think it will be heavier, then you are right, but there may be more reasons than you expected. Like Revolution Pro Controller 3, Revolution Unlimited has a detachable panel on the controller handle, which can adapt to different weights, even if the controller is not in the "fabric setting", it will feel perfect in your hand. There are four additional buttons on the back of the

controller, which are very different from the standard Dualshock 4. These can be easily assigned to any type of function you want through the controller software, and can be changed instantly using the profile button. It is also located on the back of the controller.

Next, it enters the analog joystick. If you don't like the factory settings of Nacon Revolution Unlimited, you can close the joystick completely at any time, or just close the joystick / handle.

You can have a thick stick, a thin stick, or a medium stick, which is very convenient in competitive games. They are really easy to change and should be included as an option for the esports crowd, because that is the purpose of this controller. The

controller even comes with a hard case, charging / connecting cable, and cleaning cloth, which can help you carry the Nacon Revolution Unlimited to different games, or (as it used to) keep it safe when not in use. The most significant and significant difference between the

Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller and Revolution Pro Controller 3 is that the controller can be used wirelessly on PC and PS4.

I will first talk about the PS4 and say that I did not notice any practical problems with this controller. It works exactly like the official controller I expected from the PS4, with only three real differences from Dualshock 4. The first difference of

is that you can't use PS4's home button to open the console. This is a feature reserved for DualShock 4. The same applies to checking how many batteries the controller has on the PS4. On its own, this is also a unique feature of Dualshock 4. However, the third difference is more significant.

To use the controller and PS4 wirelessly, you need to connect the Bluetooth adapter that comes with the controller. This is not a big requirement, but if all the USB slots of your PS4 are already occupied by external storage (for example), then this may be a problem, but these are very special cases.

is as easy as a PC wireless connection, but to be honest, I use a wired connection only for seamless 1:1 input time, but this is just for me, for lossless gaming. If you want to know the battery life, I charged the controller specially and used it wirelessly for seven and a half hours, which is about 30 minutes longer than the official Nacon estimate.

The actual connection process is really simple. Just power on the controller, select the correct settings on the back of the controller, and you can start. It's simple and clear, if you don't know how easy the settings are, try to connect the PS4 controller to the PC. Wired connection. After the

is connected to the controller, Revolution Unlimited will maintain its ease of use. If you decide to buy one of these drivers, you will want to start exactly what I did: use the software.

Thanks to Nacon's easy-to-use software, Revolution Unlimited can be easily fine-tuned to your liking. Not only can you use button mapping, you can also use sensitivity and dead zone operations. Everything can achieve rapid response in FPS games, while compensating for the slight movement of the runner.

You can create four separate configuration files on the controller for PC and PS4. Each configuration file will change the working mode of the controller according to your preferences. I'll talk more about its usefulness later, but trust me, it's a very useful feature that can be easily used just by pressing the back button. Chapter

Talk About Performance In The Game,

With the software built into the controller, you can also adjust your weight and joystick size/handle using the included weights and substitutes, making Nacon Revolution Unlimited a custom level you couldn't find in the controller before. In addition to the interchangeable levers and counterweights of the

, the controller is very easy to hold for a long time, and the hardware feels very durable. The hard plastic and metal used on the buttons feel that they are durable and can withstand the demanding performance that a competitive multiplayer game might bring.

However, this is the feeling of holding the controller for the first time. How to use it in the game?

is easy to use. I have used controllers on both PS4 and PC, and noticed that my experience on each platform is very similar, probably due to the lack of assistance for targeting on PC.

On console, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited back button gave me a huge advantage. I can squat, jump, reload, and melee without sacrificing exercise. I like it, especially on hardcore playlists that emphasize the speed and mobility of the player.

combines the utility of the back button with the customizable functions of the button, and you get an excellent FPS controller. I set the L2 trigger to respond to the slightest touch, so you can ADS every time you see the slightest movement. Paranoid? Yes. However, it shortened my response time by a few milliseconds, which can play a big role when you enter the competition. Chapter

I configured two alternate configuration files in the controller, allowing me to switch between the two while playing games. Why? So when I run and shoot, I have a slightly more responsive right stick for shooting with fast-moving buttocks, while the second profile makes aiming the viewfinder smoother and easier. So when I drill into a sniper hole, I can quickly switch between the two settings without fiddling too much.

I like this adaptability, it definitely comes in handy when fighting other players on consoles and PC. In fact, the quick profile change allows me to keep up with the progress of even the most seasoned mouse and keyboard gamers, which is a negligible feat in FPS on PC.

This is a beautiful looking game. Since the developers promised to provide more content and began adding features like real-time cooperative actions and other Clone Wars content, I have learned more about Battlefront II. So, I launched it on PC and tried Nacon Revolution Unlimited, and this is what I found: When it comes to vehicle combat, the mouse and keyboard don't match the controller.

Thanks to the Nacon Revolution Unlimited joystick, tracking and chasing other players in space battles has become a breeze. Like in Call of Duty, I have two different config files to toggle between loading into the controller and toggling between based on my game type. The profiles I set up for flight easily outperformed my competitors on mouse and keyboard. The

Revolution Infinite Controller did not disappoint in the ground battle. The

Infantry Squad is easy to play, thanks to quick sensitivity and the ability to train shockwaves at different enemies quickly. A common theme of Revolution Unlimited is that FPS positioning is very simple - when you meet other controller players, your controller will give you an advantage.

I want to take a moment to talk about the analog stick tension on this controller. When I was playing Battlefront II, I really noticed that my fingertips bounce back to the neutral position on the gamepad almost immediately, which means that the barrels, benches, and all other interesting things that accompany flying in video games are more direct. And response. In contrast, the performance of Dualshock 4 will make people feel very slow, you will certainly notice the advantages of using this PS4 controller on the PC.

If you read my Nacon Pro Controller 3 review, you will know that I like this game more than similar games, and Nacon Revolution Unlimited does not disappoint. The

Dpad is really responsive, and it is easier to distinguish directional pressure than Dualshock 4. This makes the combination easier because my thumb slides less when playing the sequence, but this gamepad has to do one thing. Many others do not. `t, strangely, it helped me in the game: size.

I found that the size of the Nacon Revolution Unlimited controller is not only suitable for my hand, it is also suitable for general fighting games. The spacing between the button and the Dpad minimizes accidental button presses, which helps a lot when it comes to major chain attacks.

Due to the wired option input, I also used a controller with a 1: 1 input timing, which is very useful and obviously puts you on par with most other players using wired controllers. However, when I tested the wireless option, I didn't notice actual input lag either, so in fact, no matter how you play, you can expect lossy game input.

Rocket League is a game that relies on quick reaction, quick reaction, and deft control of the ball. This means that when he plays Nacon Revolution, his control is higher than before. This is mainly due to my ability to highly customize the responsiveness and sensitivity of the analog joystick.

helps me play the game not only the sensitivity of the analog joystick, but also the joystick itself. Thanks to the ability to switch the actual joystick on the controller, it is

Thinner than the standard version, I think it helps a lot in terms of lightness and precise motion control.

Plus, thanks to the addition of the back button, I don’t have to worry too much about taking my eyes off the ball. Yes, I know there is a built-in ball tracking camera option, but I like to let the camera freely check the position of another team, and when I hit the ball, I don’t have to sacrifice the use of the right stick or jump buttons . .It is easy to play

Rocket League with Nacon Revolution Unlimited, and I have to say that I find it easier to control the car with this controller than any other controller I have used in the past (including Nacon’s own Revolution Pro controller). 3. One aspect of the

PC mouse and controller that is often debated in our office is the concept of tracking while aiming. So, with this in mind, I launched Sniper Elite 4 to understand how Nacon Revolution Unlimited keeps up with accurate aiming and rapid target changes. Chapter

My colleague’s argument about using the mouse when it’s needed for guidance is absolutely valid, but it may not be that strong against Revolution Unlimited.

I have talked about how the controller is fully customizable, and how to use the built-in software to fully check the performance of the controller. Therefore, I can easily create a separate profile for the game, designed for running and shooting, selective shots, and quick shots with the trusted Welrod, which is a great help in putting Nacon Revolution Unlimited in the competition. Mouse and keyboard.

In fact, I would say that this is where the controller is better than the mouse and keyboard. With the mouse, you can easily track enemies as they pass through levels, waiting for the opportunity to finally squeeze the perfect shot, once the shot is complete and you have to move, your ADS sensitivity may not be set to prepare. for life.

However, with Revolution Unlimited, it's easy to track enemies, pull the trigger for an accurate killcam, and then switch to a profile that's better for running, ducking, and capturing to reposition, all without jumping in and out of the options menu.

When playing Sniper Elite 4, another aspect that I really like about Nacon Revolution Unlimited is the combination of trigger and vibration. When you pull the trigger, the controller will give a very satisfying kick, and the L2 / R2 triggers on this controller are more prominent than any Dualshock 4, making them heavier and more interesting.

Basically, Nacon Revolution Unlimited is a great controller to use with the Sniper Elite 4. If you want to know what it would be like to jump from console to PC in terms of gaming, I can assure you that Revolution Unlimited is an excellent PS4 controller that can be connected to your PC for shooting games.

If you are looking for a way to experience PC gaming on the controller, I cannot fully recommend Nacon Revolution Unlimited.

is made of sturdy material that is comfortable to hold, with excellent button layout and added back button and fully customizable weight and analog joystick layout; This gamepad is perfect for those who want to upgrade the game with an elite PS4 controller or console gamers that connect the controller to PC to help them enter the fiercely competitive PC gaming world.

As an official elite controller, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited price is completely reasonable, and for the money you put down, not only do you get a lot of controllers, but you also have plenty of scope to fully customize the way you play. your game controller.

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