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Msi vigor gk50

Like the Intel Core X series, which has been identified before the last week, the news knows that the news was too long before the flood of the company that tried to use these chips. It is MSI that one of the latest companies announced something in the future. They will launch the trio of the motherboard according to the existing chipset X299, which is the perfect XSeries processor partner of the tenth generation of Intel.

MSI has launched several products last month, but consumers who try to build more recent hardware systems are particularly excited to see what these three base plates should provide an increase.

The three announced base plates seem to have common points, they are more than professional markets and creators. The three base plates in the questions are Creator X299, X299 Pro 10G and X299.

The typical motherboard is an exciting MSI X299 creator. This will be the Allblack color scheme model, but some integrate some RGB features for those who have not yet been done.

This board uses VRM digital IR 12 phases with power stages 90A. This is the LGA 2066 socket installed by three 8-pin connectors. There are eight DDR4 DIMM slots that can support up to 256 GB of memory at a speed of up to 4266 MHz. This is definitely a user who needs an incredible amount of energy from your system. The following list of

specifications is: from

x299, there is an alignment of the motherboard. These are present in the form of X299 Pro and X299 Pro 10g. These two plates are similar in many ways, one of which is a large aluminum heat sink that cools 8-phase VRMS. In addition, CPU plugs are powered by dual 8-pin connectors, and these base plates can be verified to admit up to 256 GB of RAM at speeds up to 4200 MHz. As with

x299, the details of the website of MSI See more INDBOPLOPS that are looking at two tables. The details are on page X299 Pro and page X299 Pro 10g.

When expanding, the motherboard has three PCIE 3.0 x 16 slots and the Frozr heat sinks of the M.2 shield, two slots M.2. In addition, obtain two ports on the USB 3.2 front panel, FRONT panel headers ABSB 3.2 with two additional USB 2.0 front panel ports. One of the main differences between these two meetings is that 10G PRO has an addnincard installed by the AQUANTIS AQC107 controller.

I hope to hear what the official price is the impressive amount and the optional features and options provided by these three base plates. These tables have some arguments that have a price of around $ 250 $ 200, if the 10G model is a bit higher. This is not surprising that these base plates have potential options given to consumers.

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