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Msi updated gaming laptops

The details of the new SKU product are sent to the Eurasia Economic Commission (EEC) that MSI has updated the GTX 1650 series.

The EEC database shipping data is first discovered by Videocardz on the E Web Site Indicating that the NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphics card will run quickly with GDDR6 RAM. Up to

recently, all MSI GTX 1650 cards are built with GDDR5 memory chips. The GTX 1650 supercards are built with high-speed GDDR6 ram. However, according to the presentation of this EEC, it is trying to change fairly fast.

Does this change be implemented on all NVIDIA 1650 cards?

Whenever we know, this is announced by NVIDIA or other manufacturers, and it is a change that has been announced only on MSI cards.

You can always be planning to fully improve the graphic card with NVIDIA with GDDR5 memory. However, confirmation has not yet been verified. If you listen to more about this, we will make sure that you inform you.


MSI includes a list of new GDDR6 graphics cards in the GTX 1650 range. The new XT updated VBIOS has updated the AMD presented before the launch of your cards. It is said that this new update cancel the additional performance of the graphics card.

What do you think about MSI decisions to update the memory of the GTX 1650 series? Do you think NVIDIA introduces the same change through the series? Let's make your ideas with the following comments.

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