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Msi reveals intel comet lake s binning overclocking

Announced on the latest episode of the MSI Insider podcast, MSI revealed that not all AMD Radeon RX 5600 XTs will use the new vBIOS.

Eric Van Beurden, MSI Marketing Director, explained that the new vBIOS will increase the clock speed of the card. However, the increase in memory will be a completely separate problem. This means that some companies are updating the memory independently, but this is not necessarily fully applicable as a standard.

Some cards will be able to increase memory, but some cards are not certified to operate at 14 Gbps, which means they will lose stability when running at 12 Gbps inventory speed. Pieter Arts,

MSI Product Marketing Manager, further explained why. He said AMD provides memory and silicon chips to partners, but cannot guarantee that all partners have the same overclocking capabilities to run at 14 Gbps higher.

This may be the reason why MSI and ASUS are hesitant to apply vBIOS to existing cards because there is no guarantee that it will be worth it, only to increase the clock speed. However, for those who want to push the boat and experience the new BIOS, MSI has released the RX 5600 XT Gaming Z, which supports vBIOS as standard. The base clock frequency of this model is 1,615 MHz and the boost clock frequency is 1,750 MHz.

Similarly, Asus has its ROG STRIX TOP GPU with similar specifications. The base clock is slightly lower than 1,660 MHz, but the boost clock speed is the same at 1,750 MHz, so there are plenty of options.

Speaking of the standard 5600 XT graphics card, it is still unclear. MSI has clarified that their RTX 5600 XT Gaming and RX 5600 XT Mech will not receive the new vBIOS update. However, other 5600 XT models (like the Gaming Z variant) will do the same.

It remains to be seen what effect these new BIOS-enabled cards have on memory.

Many cards can support 14 Gbps, but applying the new vBIOS to these cards is risky.

Doing so may cause some RMA problems for users, so it all depends on whether you want to seize the opportunity to reach 14 Gbps or are satisfied with the standard 12 Gbps.

MSI promises that most cards will receive the new BIOS in February, but in most cases, the memory will remain at 12 Gbps, so the improvement will only be in the processor frequency.

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