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Msi registers 29 ampere based gpus with the ecc

MSI is the latest version of Livestreamed MSI Insider, more specifically, which provides information about Intel Comet Lake, which is the possibility of processor processor and overclocking.

MSI Eric van Beurden and Michiel Berkhout are divided into different skus and test results of Comet Lake alignment. After the tests, it was found that the MSI was three categories other than level A, Level B and Level C Level C. Level C contains a CPU that improves the possibility of greater overclock than Intel is announced. Level B Chip pool that contains intral specification parameters. And, finally, level c consists of CPU below the Intel threshold.

To clarify, the Intel specification is worth noting that Beall and Endall are. Instead, they provide a guide that can be expected from the kite lake chip in space for overclock. Not only looking at the speed of actions, it can push the cards up and down.

The MSI tests show that the classification is significantly different between the models. For example, 27% of the Nucleus I910800K and KF fell on level A, but Intel Core I510600K and 2% KF press the level of a threshold. I510600K / KF only improved with I510600K / 5% KF level A.

MSI did its best, and MSI has downloaded the Lake of the Comet Lake, so I9, then I7, then I7, and then I saw it Below the chip i5. In the case of

level B, the situation has been improved a lot of 58% and 52% Core I710700K / KF and Core I510700K / KF Level B. 35% of the Nucleus I910900K / KF were classified as Level B. Rather, almost a third of all Intel Comet Lagos chips are level C: Core I510600K / KF 31%, 32% of the core I710700K / KF, and 27% of Core I910900K / KF.

Main Tike Weet, using Core I910900K / KF, is much greater than the Viner's chips are higher than other SKU, but the prospects quickly lower the food chain. The MSI also provides the result of the average voltage power versus the package to emphasize the gap between containers A and C in level A. However, the results show that overclocks greater than 5 GHz must be relatively easy in Comet Lake Chip.

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