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Msi optix curved gaming series

Although CES 2020 is still a few months away in January, the show is already handing out awards. You have named MSI the winner of the Innovation Award for the upcoming Optix MAG161 handheld gaming monitor.

Although there is nothing to do, MSI hopes to bridge the gap between business and gaming with the Optix MAG 161. It is a 15.6-inch IPS screen with a Full HD resolution of 1920 × 1080, a GtG response time of 3 milliseconds, a 240Hz refresh rate, and has HDMI and USB TypeC connection options. It is 5mm thick and has a protective shell that doubles as a stand. Chapter

The introduction of the reward is as follows: `Optix MAG161 works smart and plays hard. It is the result of the development of a complete, portable and powerful screen designed for gaming and business. Use Optix MAG161 to work more efficiently and enjoy more game time. `

However, this is not the first portable gaming monitor we see this year. ASUS released a similar ROG Strix Go XG17 in May, although the screen size is slightly larger at 17.3 inches and includes a pair of 1W speakers. Not on the market yet, but ASUS uses ROG Strix XG17 as a convenient portable display with all the features of a full-size 240Hz display.

It is unclear why CES chose to praise MSI over Asus, because their protection is basically the same.

We have not heard any official news from MSI, but we think the marketing push of Optix MAG161 will follow a similar chorus, providing gamers with a portable option that can be connected to gaming devices, laptops, consoles and even smartphones travel. gamble.

In any case, we should expect MSI to make an appropriate announcement at CES and make it soon.

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