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Msi meg z490 godlike released

One of the first laptops released by MSI with the long awaited Navi card. This laptop will use the AMD RX 5500M series processors officially announced today. The

MSI Alpha 15 laptop will be the first of its kind, allowing users to experience the new Radeon RX 5500M GPU. The laptop starts at about $ 999 and will launch later this month.

This isn't the most expensive gaming laptop we've seen in recent years. This brings good news for consumers, because they will be able to experience the RX 5500M at an affordable price.

At this stage we do not know all the details and specifications of this laptop yet, but we do know that the RX 5500M will power the 15-inch screen. The laptop's resolution is 1920 × 1080 and the refresh rate is 144Hz. This is great news for gamers who want to play on a budget and aren't ready to jump to 1440p. The

monitor will also support FreeSync and will be equipped with AMD Ryzen R7 3750H CPUs. The performance of the

RX 5500m GPU is said to be faster than its mobile GTX 1650 counterpart, and consumers are expected to see a performance improvement of up to 30%. Although this mainly depends on the title you run and the settings you use, it is still an impressive number.

By choosing the more expensive $1,099 model, the main difference you will get is impressive. The base model for $999 will be equipped with a 120Hz display and 8GB of memory, but if you spend an extra $100, you will be able to increase the specifications to 16GB of memory and a 144Hz display. Not bad for an extra $100!

It is always exciting to receive two breaking news a day. MSI decided to announce this decision on the same day that the Navi chip was launched, showing that they are very confident in their products. Not only will we have the opportunity to see the actual effects of these cards as soon as possible, but we will also be able to understand their functions.

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