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Msi gs66 stealth 10sg gaming laptop specs

MSI This week, jump to this week's announcement notifying your plan for the next iteration of your graphics card. This new range of GTX 16 series cards will be the customized version of GTX 1660 and 1650 cards and divided into three brands.

The three brands consist of Ventus XS, Aero ITX and the game marks. The new series cards have excellent cooling solutions and are designed to be designed to generate high memory frequencies and basic frequencies: this should achieve an improvement in the performance of the game. The game card

is characterized by MSI Torx 3.0 fans that allow you to increase the air flow while the noise level is still reduced. This is achieved with the seventh-generation thermal design that is modified to cool the MSI GTX Super Series card. Custom heat sinks will also help heat the dissipation to further reduce the temperature. The

Ventus XS series is a rational version of the standard sales card. The offer here is a black and silver design with twin fan solutions that allow centralized air flow. In terms of appearance, this card plate has a brushed finish to fit its sharp appearance.

Finally, Aero ITX Card supports users who are building a miniaturized system. In premium spaces, these cards maintain the maximum amount of performance while measuring at a length of 178 mm. For an optimized heat dissipation, these cards use a single cooling fan side by side with a compact heat sink.

It is always good to always select the system, and to select the MSI concentration in the wellcooled GPU, we are excited to see these GTX 1650 SuperCards in action. It is expected that we listed around November 22, but please inform when we find more.

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