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Msi gaming monitor

Remember the Geforce GTX 480? Well, now you don't need to remember it anymore. To pay tribute to a great card from the past, the upcoming MSI GeForce RTX 3090 Aero will be equipped with a front shield design, reminiscent of those quiet days. Dedicated

cooling will produce "a mini wind tunnel, blowing cool air through the cooling system and discharging heat from the IO panel," as the motto goes. The

shield itself is about 40cm long and the PCB looks very tall. The AERO card is known for its fast cooling, and this card adopts this method and sports this nostalgic look. The

AERO GeForce RTX 3090 has a dual slot design, if you want it to boot you need two 8-pin power connectors, not just look beautiful in its metal case. Pricing for the

has yet to be announced, but we expect it to be around $ 1,500.

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