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Have you considered updating your PC settings recently, but are not sure where to start? Picking a new monitor may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but you can upgrade your gaming experience without breaking the bank.

If it has been a while since you last picked up your new monitor, you may find that something has changed and you are not sure what to look for. Do not worry! Today, we'll look at some of the best gaming monitors, where to find them, and what to look for in your search.

There are many great manufacturers who have created excellent gaming monitors. It has displays sold by Samsung, LG, BenQ, Asus, and MSI, and it fits perfectly on anyone's desk. This time, we will narrow the list down to MSI gaming monitors to keep things simple.

One of the main reasons people choose the MSI brand is that they have a certain degree of confidence when buying products from a mature company. They sell thousands of products every day, they usually have multiple choices and provide excellent customer service to answer any questions you may have.

MSI has been in existence for more than 30 years, and they don't just sell gaming monitors. You can also find their brands on graphics cards, motherboards, laptops, and even keyboards and mice.

However, its gaming monitors are particularly impressive and can really make your games shine. Whether you're looking for curved monitors, high refresh rates, or 4K gaming, MSI has the right monitor for you.

To understand the different types of products provided by MSI, it is worth checking their official website for more detailed information. You can optimize your search for size, resolution, refresh rate, response time, adaptive timing, and even curvature. There is also a monitor suitable for all budgets, so if you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, don’t worry too much.

If you want to expand your search, you can check out technical websites such as Overclockers, Novatech, Scan, and Ebuyer. Although their inventory levels may be different from those on the official MSI website, you can sometimes get some good deals here.

Another website worth paying attention to is Amazon. An obvious choice, but here you can compare various products and even check verified customer reviews before deciding to buy. As always, we recommend that you read all the information about the monitor before purchasing.

curved displays are all the rage these days, and we are starting to see them getting bigger and bigger. Nowadays, we don't often see many 34-inch displays on the chart, but the MSI Optix MPG341CQR is more than just a gimmick.

One of the main things to consider before buying this monitor is whether you have space to hold it. 34 inches may not look too big on paper, but once it is less than one meter away from you, you will notice its size.

This really makes it the perfect companion for media consumption. The large size, excellent color reproduction and high resolution make it an ideal display for you to relax with a movie or a Netflix binge.

This is more than just a multimedia screen: the high resolution, low response time, and high refresh rate make it an ideal screen for those who want to play a lot of fast-paced games. You won't find any ghosting issues on this monitor, and the high refresh rate will allow you to hit a higher frame rate than you're used to.

There is also a webcam mount and bungee cord on this monitor to help prevent cable tangling; although not a necessity, additional features are welcome.

If you are looking for a higher refresh rate for your game, the MSI Optix MAG272CQR can be as high as 165Hz at 1440p, which is perfect for those who spend a lot of time playing FPS games. This is also combined with an extremely low response time of only 1 millisecond, which we will cover in detail later; in short, this is something you absolutely want in a gaming monitor.

This is a well-built monitor with a sturdy, adjustable stand that allows you to find the perfect gaming position. The curve of this monitor also greatly improves the immersion of the game. The 1500R curve does not exceed the top, adding some subtlety to the design.

If you plan to use this monitor for more than just games, you will find that the 27-inch HDRready monitor can display all your favorite movies well. There is also an RGB element on this monitor, which we rarely see. You can customize it to soft ambient light, or it can match any other MSI Mystic Light compatible device you may have.

If you are looking for MSI's cheap curved gaming monitor, this is a good choice. This monitor has many similarities with the older MSI Optix MAG272CQR, but it is cheaper. Therefore, you will get a lower resolution and refresh rate, but both are still excellent specifications, more than enough for most people.

The first thing to mention here is that the display and color reproduction are great, making any game or video viewing a great experience. The viewing angle is also impressive at 178 degrees. Chapter

All other ways.

This monitor has an excellent 27-inch VA panel and a near borderless design with a sleek and stylish appearance. This monitor is made of polished aluminum and looks great on any desktop or gaming environment. There is some RGB lighting on the back of the monitor, which can be easily customized. So if you're looking for something a bit flashy but understated, this monitor is a good choice in terms of design.

Although it is not the largest display on this list, its size is still impressive, with a slightly curved screen that provides excellent immersion. The VA panel and 4K resolution are the main factors that attract buyers here.

However, some users have noticed that the colors sometimes look a little faded. There is also a problem with brightness, which means that the HDR function is a bit disappointing.

For 4K 60Hz gaming monitors, this is one of the fastest monitors on the market. However, the low refresh rate may put some buyers off. This is great for casual gamers or console gamers, but if it's not you, you might want to look elsewhere. For this price, this is really a shame, because you will still spend around $ 500 for this monitor.

This monitor uses a metal frame and a three-sided borderless design, with excellent build and design quality. The customizable RGB lighting effect on the back of the screen adds a wonderful atmosphere.

In addition to this, this is a very good display with many uses. Whether you want a 4K video capture experience, for creative work or gaming, if you are looking for an excellent 4K curved gaming monitor, this monitor is a good choice.

One of the most important things for any buyer is the price range they have to consider. We will not lie to you, gaming monitors will quickly become very expensive. If you are looking for a great 4K HDR monitor, you will end up spending close to the price of a TV.

This is not to say that there are no cheap things. If you're just looking for a secondary display, or don't think you need to increase the resolution above 1080p, you can find some great deals.

Generally speaking, the more features you want a monitor, the more the price goes up. Features like lower response time, higher resolution, and high refresh rate will make your game look amazing, but at a price.

Setting a budget before you go shopping is a good way to find a monitor that you will be satisfied with for a long time without overspending.

We briefly mentioned the screen resolution in the price range section, which is one of the factors that can push up the price of the display. This is because the higher the screen resolution, the more details you can see on the screen. Common game monitor resolutions include 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p, also known as 4K. Remember, if you plan to run a higher resolution, you need to first make sure that your system can render graphics at that level. If not, don’t spend money on a monitor that your PC can’t fully utilize. Another thing to consider for

is the physical size of the screen. Because you sit so close to him, you don't need a 50-inch monitor to get the best details. Today, most screens are about 27 inches in size, although some advanced options can reach 32 inches or more. If you know you'll be watching a few movies on your PC, it might be worth buying a bigger monitor so you can lie down and relax. The

display refresh rate is usually more important than most people think. See how many times the monitor can refresh the screen image, a higher refresh rate will bring a smoother image when playing games. This is what professional FPS and esports gamers value. In games where precision and speed are paramount, any small advantage is welcome.

This is sometimes confused with the refresh rate, but it refers to something slightly different. Simply put, response time is the speed at which the screen changes from one color to another. The shorter the response time, the cleaner and clearer the image will appear, but if the response time is longer, you will often encounter blurry and ghost images in the game.

For gaming monitors, you should wait at least 5 milliseconds, of which 1 millisecond is ideal. The type of panel on the

monitor is another factor that will have a major impact on your experience. The three main types of panels currently are TN, IPS, and VA panels. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages, according to your needs, you should check.

These panels are commonly used in low-cost displays, but they still work well. You will be able to achieve a high refresh rate and low response time while playing games. One of the main disadvantages of TN panels is image quality. It is generally not as sharp as other panels and the viewing angle is not the greatest.

These panels are similar to TN panels, but provide a wider viewing angle and excellent color coverage. This is priced higher though, and if you're shopping on a lower budget, you might have a hard time finding them.

They are a combination of the first two panels, offering the best of both worlds. You can get a low-response VA panel, but you will experience ghosting on cheaper monitors at times. These panels

AdaptiveSync technology type. This is a great must-have feature that will ensure that all your games are stuttering and tear-free.

The use of AdaptiveSync technology in the monitor will not increase the price too much, so it is definitely what you are looking for. There are currently two main types of adaptive synchronization on the market, Nvidia's GSync and AMD's FreeSync. They work slightly differently, but the end result is the same-a great experience.

In general, these generally only work when paired with a graphics card from the same brand, but recently some FreeSync monitors are compatible with Nvidia graphics cards, which is good news.

This is by no means a complete list of the best MSI gaming monitors. Although these are our favorites, there are many others that can easily make the list. Now that you know what to look for, you should take the time to shop around and find a monitor with the features you need at an affordable price.

We hope we have provided you with some ideas on where to look and have helped you clarify some technical terms that sometimes confuse these product pages. If you have any questions about gaming monitors, please feel free to leave us a message below. If you want to start conversations with other readers, our community center is a good starting point and we look forward to seeing you there.

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