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Msi confirms 400 series motherboards are zen 3 ready

MSI has confirmed that it plans to support AMD’s upcoming Zen 3 chip on its 400 series motherboards. The PC giant confirmed this in a recent MSI Insider show. The news of

was released after AMD confirmed that it would reserve the AM4 socket for its upcoming Zen 3 CPU to support older processor models. AMD explained that it will support X570 and B550 chipsets out of the box, but X470 and B450 will require selective BIOS updates. Support will not be extended to X370, B350 and A320 chipsets.

To achieve this function, AMD has confirmed that for motherboards that need to update the BIOS, these motherboards will no longer be suitable for older CPU models despite having the same AM4 socket. Updating the BIOS will effectively remove the support for the old AMD CPU.

For example, anyone with a 300 series motherboard who wants to be compatible with the current 3rd Gen Ryzen CPU and the upcoming Zen 3 chip will need a new motherboard. In contrast, anyone with a 500 series motherboard will not be able to use any chip in the B550 that is older than 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs, nor any chip in the X570 chipset that is older than Ryzen processors from second generation. Although

has some caveats, this news is certainly welcomed by owners and confirms that 400 series motherboards will be CPU compatible, from AMD Athlon to the next generation Zen 3 architecture. The 400 series motherboard seems to be the best option to tie together as many CPU generations as possible.

MSI confirmed this, explaining that their 400 series motherboards will be compatible, and the 300 series will lose support for the Zen 3 architecture.

Although the situation in recent weeks has indeed caused several problems, the outlook is clearer, and AMD motherboard owners are now allowed to plan ahead.

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