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Msi announces mpg z490 liquid cooled motherboard

MSI recently announced the launch of its MSI Optix PAG272QR2 gaming monitor, which has some impressive specs.

This is after some of the most impressive displays MSI has announced this year. It looks like they are going to go out of their way to provide a great option for the gaming and esports communities.

So far, we know that this MSI monitor will be equipped with a 27-inch display, 1440p resolution, and an excellent 165 Hz refresh rate. Pixel density is also recorded as 108 pixels per inch (PPI).

For the display itself, the display has a low blue light mode and is compatible with Acer flicker-free technology to reduce eyestrain. This makes it ideal for those who will use it for hours of play. The

display also has a 1000: 1 static contrast ratio, and the color gamut ranges from sRGB to DCI PS to Adobe RGB. The sRGB color gamut coverage rate is 150%, the DCI P3 coverage rate is 98%, and the Adobe RGB coverage rate is 99% .This monitor has an excellent display effect in terms of reproduction. of color.

With these specifications, this monitor is perfect for any gaming system. With such a high refresh rate, this makes it a great choice for people who like fast-paced games and competitive e-sports games. Interestingly, the

contains a 5-way OSD navigation joystick that allows you to easily change the settings of this display. The

monitor has a variety of ports, including an HDMI 2.0 port, two DisplayPort 1.4 ports, and a 3.5 mm audio output. This allows you to easily connect several different devices, whether it's a gaming system or a console.

Unfortunately, there is no pricing information yet, and we are not sure when we can buy this 165Hz monitor. Since MSI has just released this monitor, we may have to wait at least a few months.

When it was released, we wouldn't be surprised if it got into inventory level issues, because now due to the COVID19 pandemic, so are many other hardware. If we hear any updates during this period, we will definitely notify you.

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