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Msi announces all in one cpu cooler range mag coreliquid series

MSI recently announced a partnership with liquid cooling company EK. After working closely with EK in the past, MSI is ready to launch a new motherboard compatible with the latest Intel CPUs. EK founder

Edvard König said: "MSI and EK have been working closely for four years. They have been trying to push the limits and set higher standards. [...] Our first collaboration is a liquid-cooled GPU, Sea Hawk EK X . This time, we cooperated to bring liquid-cooled gaming motherboards to the market, which truly changed the rules of the game.” The

MSI latest CARBON motherboard certainly comes with a special design. This stylish black motherboard seems to be inspired by super sports cars, with a monolithic design that can be integrated with the rest of the motherboard and uses a matching carbon fiber design.

also includes Mystic Light RGB, you can customize it to your own preferences. You can also combine it with any other Mystic Light product you have, which is a huge benefit. The VRM

's impressive design is built with a digital CPU power system, allowing you to unleash the full potential of your build. It also provides center reinforcement technology and dual power connectors. The

cooling system is definitely the focus of this board. The custom designed EK cooling system provides an impressive amount of cooling to prevent thermal throttling and allows gamers to run the game on the highest setting with almost no noise.

also has a variety of built-in connectors. Built-in 2.5G LAN and the latest WiFi 6 solution make online gaming as smooth as possible. You'll also get a built-in USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 port that can provide up to 20Gb / s of bandwidth. The

MSI MPG Z490 Carbon EK X motherboard retails for about $ 399.99. Considering these characteristics, this is a good price and we hope to see its practical applications.

Can you imagine picking up this motherboard? What do you think of choosing a liquid-cooled motherboard? Let us know in the comment section.

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