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Msi announced ces 2020

MSI is the latest motherboard manufacturer and has published a comprehensive list of all Windows 11 compatible motherboards. The latest version of Microsoft's operating system, Windows 11, is a new version that offers more powerful features and benefits than Windows 10 However, although the new operating system provides all the additional features, this is one of the main issues. Most important in the Windows 11 release is TPM 2.0 support, which has caused controversy on Internet forums.

The security features of most modern motherboards are at the forefront of many debates on the internet, with many people guessing which motherboards will be supported and which ones will not.

Fortunately for MSI users, the brand has published a comprehensive list of all Windows 11 compatible motherboards. In terms of listing its hardware compatibility,

MSI seems to have outperformed other motherboard manufacturers, you will see that soon. They not only released the motherboard series, but also listed specific chipsets.

The following is the latest MSI people list:

"This is not a list of Windows 11 compatible motherboards, it just means that the motherboard BIOS supports TPM 2.0.

* Visit Intel for more information About TPM 2.0 support for Intel chipsets.

* * As of July 1, 2021, Intel 6/7 generation and XSeries 9000 / 78xx processors are not on the Windows 11 supported processor list. "

" * Ryzen 1000 series and Ryzen Threadripper 1000 (Zen1) processors are not on Windows 11. The list of supported processors is as of 07/01/2021. For more information on Windows 11, visit Microsoft. "

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