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Msi 2080ti gaming trio 16gbps memory speed

Have you ever seen the last GPU series of 580? So we found that MSI aligned with another AMD 580 graphic card.

This information comes from a video-renamed report, and an image that indicates that the MSI has planned a 580 version in the near future, an image was filtered.

The first difference between this new graphics card and a launch previously released 580, AMD has dropped the outstanding points of the red and silvery card card and went with a simple Allblack design.

has other important differences for design and functionality itself. AMD seems to improve the cooling system and install a new PCB and a remodeled I / O plate. However, MSI has not yet published the details of the specification, so it is not 100% if these changes will continue to affect performance.

It is safe to say that this design looks like the title of a peak performance in the range of 580. We can assume that AMD has improved the performance last in this model.

You still see if you promise to improve enough to guarantee purchases. You must wait for the specifications to compare the data.

If you are looking for a budget graphics card with unknown performance, AMD 580 remains a solid option. If it is not in a hurry, it may be worth staying to see how this new 580 will be held before making decisions.

What do you think about the MSI decision to build a new AMD 580 graphics card? Are you pointing to purpose when finally they are announced?

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